Introverts are not worse than extroverts. They are just different. But how to go on dates, meet men, if communicating with new people is hard and unpleasant?

Below you will find 7 tips on how to make your first date more pleasant and relaxed.

Choose a well-known restaurant

A cafe or restaurant is a good place for a first date. Anyway, better than movies or paintball.

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When choosing an institution, follow this rule: go only to the restaurant you like. In which you have already been and know exactly what it is.

This will give you confidence (after all, the territory is already familiar), looseness and allow you to relax a little.

Treat people like old friends

One of the best tips for dealing with tightness when talking to a stranger is to imagine that he is your friend, whom you have known for a long time. You just haven’t seen him in a while.

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Talk to him accordingly – the way you would talk to an old acquaintance. “How are you?”, “How is work?”, “How are you?”

Confess to your introversion

If you are really very selective in relation to people, do not hide it from the man.

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Otherwise, your (completely natural for you) somewhat cool behavior may be misunderstood. Like a lack of interest in him, for example.

Plan your date ahead

Be your own psychotherapist!

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Before a date, tell yourself that everything will be perfect. Imagine in detail what you will do. What interesting things can you tell him. What would you like to know about him. Surprisingly, such a mental “run” of the situation gives self-confidence.

Ask interesting questions

People love to talk about themselves. If you want to get a man’s attention, let him feel how cool and interesting he is.

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The best way to do this is to get him to tell you the best moments of his life! And listen carefully, of course. “How did you get such a high position?”, “Probably, some special qualities of character are needed to cope with this…”, “Which concert did you like the most?” “Which book would you re-read?”, “Where would you go to travel next time?”, “What desperate act do you have the courage to do?”

In the same way, if he asks you about something – about family, about work, about business – do not forget to “return” the question. Ask about the same.

Don’t expect an instant “spark”

We introverts love to read. And sometimes we confuse fiction with reality. It seems to us that if a man and I didn’t have an amazing feeling “we are made for each other” on our first date, then nothing will come of it. Do not worry!

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First dates are never completely psychologically comfortable for either a man or a woman. We worry and try to appear better than we are. After a few meetings, you will get used to it a little, relax, and it will become much easier and more interesting for you to be in each other’s company.

Date someone who is even better to be with than alone

Any relationship should bring comfort and joy. And – in any case – do not strain!

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Therefore, opt for a man whose communication makes your life better. It doesn’t matter if he likes to chat 24/7 or, like you, stay at home and mind his own business. The main thing is that you feel good and comfortable with each other.