Are you going to meet the parents of your chosen one? Of course, this is quite an exciting moment, on which the relationship with your future fathers-in-law depends in many respects. “Lisa” will tell you how to behave during the first meeting and what you should never do or say in order to make a good impression on them.

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Try not to worry and be natural

To make a good impression on the parents of your loved one, try to behave during the acquaintance as in ordinary life. Wise life dad and mom of your chosen one will immediately notice your strained and fake smile. If you do not want to look ridiculous and ridiculous, do not pretend to be someone who you really are not.

Do not pretend to be an experienced hostess

If you rush from the threshold to set the table or help cut a festive salad, it will look, to put it mildly, inappropriate. In this house, the hostess is the mother of your beloved, and she is unlikely to like it if, 10 minutes after meeting her, another woman is in charge of her territory – the kitchen.

Don’t be familiar

Switching to “you” immediately after the first meeting with the parents of the chosen one is not worth it, even if they give the impression of modern and democratic people. Moreover, the future daughter-in-law does not need to start calling the potential mother-in-law “mother” on the very first day.

Don’t Compare Your Boyfriend’s Parents to Yours

The phrases “my mom makes this salad taste better because she rubs an apple in it” or “and my father is not a fan of Real Madrid, but of Manchester United” should be avoided – they are unlikely to help you establish a good relationship with your fiancé’s parents.

Don’t just talk about yourself

At the first meeting, try to be especially attentive to the parents of the chosen one. Feel free to ask them about life, interests and work – they will definitely be pleased.