To become a girl in a million, you must, first of all, be one in a million. What qualities and skills should a woman have in order for a worthy man to pay attention to her? Our expert Pavel Rakov reveals a few secrets.

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Self-confidence and respect

A girl who wants to feel like a million must be dignified and confident. But do not confuse self-confidence with arrogance and lack of self-confidence, since these qualities are almost always based on illusions. But confidence is based on real facts and achievements. Confidence generates inner respect for oneself and the respect of others. And the surrounding people respect others only for leadership qualities.

For example, if a girl cooks well, looks great and shows kindness – this is not a reason for respect, but a certain positive set of qualities that, of course, the beautiful half of society attracts the attention of men. Deep respect causes, first of all, the ability to influence people, to convince them, to lead. Moreover, to behave in such a way that they themselves would like to do it. And the basis of deep respect and influence is the ability to quickly inspire confidence, including among strangers.

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There are people who try to ingratiate themselves with trust, they fail, but the opposite happens. Why?

In order to easily learn how to inspire trust, you need to learn how to sell something to strangers. What is it for? It’s very simple – those who are afraid to sell are usually not confident in themselves, they are shy, they think that they can get refusals. This happens just because of the inner hidden uncertainty. Because people usually buy from people they like, who they trust. Therefore, in order to keep the attention of the client for at least a few seconds, you need to please him. He must want to stay in your company for a moment. And then the matter of your charms, influence and ability to persuade. And all this needs to be learned. If you know how to sell beautifully, you can always sell yourself to a worthy man and he will marry you.

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