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The main reasons why divorces occur have long been known to family psychologists. They highlight several main reasons for divorce and advise on how to save the relationship.


Infidelity is the leading cause of divorce. According to statistics, only 5% of unfaithful husbands go to a lover. And the rest? They forgive the prodigal husband and continue to walk through life together. Psychologists also agree with this solution of the issue: since he returned to you, it means that you are much better than your husband’s passion. If the pain of betrayal is too strong, and it’s impossible to forgive betrayal, psychologists advise not to wait until you turn into a twitchy creature, breaking down over nothing, but to start from scratch. In the end, life is one, and there are many men around – you will definitely meet someone who will not betray you.

Marriage of convenience

A family created from purely material considerations is sooner or later doomed to destruction. In such a marriage, one of the spouses is forced to lie all the time, because such a family was rewarded without the obligatory components: respect and attraction to each other. And a constantly lying person is in a state of stress, leading to serious diseases – oncology, ulcers, mental disorders, up to suicide. The psyche cannot withstand such a load, and the marriage breaks up. Financial problems happen in any family, and a wise wife will not reproach her husband because of financial difficulties, but will try to find a way out of a difficult situation: you can introduce temporary savings or wrap a hobby in family income. A family that has gone through hard times will only unite even more.

Different interests

A marriage in which he and she have no common interests is doomed. If each of the spouses has their own life, their circle of friends, their hobbies and interests – why should they be together? Psychologists advise a woman to try to unite the family: the presence of such global goals as building a house, having a child, or jointly planning repairs in an apartment will help strengthen a marriage. And you can start small: discuss with your husband plans for the next vacation or find out how he would like to spend the next weekend. After all, talking about what to cook for dinner is already the first step in creating common interests.