Modern women complain that real men are extinct. Either they died out as a species, or they hide high, high in the mountains.
And very rarely timid voices are heard claiming that women themselves are to blame for raising sissy boys from boys.


Well, what about you? Do you often find yourself checking to see if your loved one did everything right? Or do you generally think that it’s easier to do it yourself than to explain to another how to do it?
No, no, no one argues that you are a caring and attentive girl. But it is important to stop in time. because if you become a mom for your beloved man, your union will fall apart sooner or later. Why so, psychologists say.

Maternal instinct or insecurity?

Most often, those women who have observed the same distribution of roles in their family begin to patronize their man. If the mother constantly monitored whether her husband took breakfast, whether his brother’s shirt was clean, the girl gradually learned to consider the “strong” sex a little inferior.

Such superiority, by the way, is also one of the features of improperly built relationships. A man who feels like an unintelligent baby next to a lady of the heart will try to retreat to where he will be allowed to prove himself.

The second case is girls who are unsure of themselves. They were not listened to in the family, they have a lot of complexes about self-affirmation – and in their own relationships they win back. But, characteristically, they admit over time that they did not begin to feel more confident even after 5 years of incessant advice and comments in the direction of their husband.

Couple - photoCouple - photo

Why do mother-son marriages break up?

There is nothing more logical, as it is not paradoxical.

You make comments to your husband, teach him how to dress properly and behave at the table. In other words, you are raising your child.
Then he gets a mistress or leaves the family. And a strong, young and intelligent woman sobs in bewilderment: “After all, he was nobody before me! I gave him everything – what’s wrong?!”

In the meantime, you just have to think about the logical sequence of events. A man begins to pick up maternal notes and habits from us – and his subconscious simply presses the “off” button for sexual desire. After all, this is mom – you can’t sleep with mom!

And the years go by, and the same thing happens as with an ordinary child: he grows up next to his mother, and then leaves the “parental nest”. If you are raising a “husband-son”, be ready to let him go now.

couple holding hands photocouple holding hands photo

How to stop being a mom

Think about why such a man appeared in your life. He may be really a little infantile, but you fell in love with him like that!

You will have to delve into yourself to realize in what area it is designed to help you grow up. Do it together. Do not consider yourself higher and smarter in every sense – and then, supporting and helping each other, you will go through life side by side.

Let a man help you in everything – after all, if he tries and learns, he will soon stop making all those small mistakes that annoy so many girls.
And don’t forget: we love others for the good deeds they have allowed to be done for themselves.