If a man began to care for a lady, it means that he liked her. However, the courtship of men of different nationalities differs in the same way as the features of the mentality. How do men from around the world care?

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Frank Italians

Temperamental, sincere and passionate Italians are quite straightforward with women, even at the very beginning of a relationship. The Italian will invite you to a good restaurant, order whatever you want and, in the end, confess his intentions. This is absolutely not a greedy people, and in order to win a woman’s heart – the Italians for a lot. The choice of a life partner is treated very responsibly, despite their quick-tempered nature.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Hot Spaniards

If a hot Spaniard likes a girl, he is ready for action. And having achieved her location, the Spaniard immediately begins to “attack” her and treat her as if she were her own property, even if she did not give any reason to think so. Moreover, the Spaniards are very jealous, so getting into the net of a hot macho, other gentlemen have no chance.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Budget French

French men are very gallant and courteous with women. But do not expect expensive gifts from them. Instead of an expensive outfit, the Frenchman will most likely invite you to walk around the city and see the sights. Maximum – offer a cup of coffee with dessert.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

Pedantic Germans

The Germans are quite restrained in the manifestation of feelings, so you should not expect serenades under the windows from them. Before making a responsible decision, they will weigh all the pros and cons well and will not be led by their own emotions.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

English gentlemen

An Englishman can conquer you with just his appearance. These men are always well-groomed and elegant, literally captivate with their charm and gentlemanly manners.


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