Simple, easy, and joyful are signs of a good, healthy relationship. And they work for both sexes. Long, difficult and painful – these are signs of hemorrhoids. But why do many confuse relationships with hemorrhoids?

love relationshiplove relationship

We are used to relying on the brain, not on sensations. The brain says: “Look, a normal person, the work is good, he looks decent, he’s not a fool, he’s free … So, communicate, try, normal men don’t roll on the floor.”

And you are uncomfortable. Outwardly, everything is fine, but there is some kind of heaviness, tormentedness inside.

However, Mog said: “Go work on relationships, you are already 33, so you will be thrown by men and remain an old maid.” And you work.

But the more you work, the stronger the heaviness in the soul is felt.

A man calls and writes to you every day, but all in order to throw some kind of insult – “Why didn’t you answer my yesterday’s message, why don’t you call, you’re busy again, well, clearly, clearly.” It seems that there is a lot of attention, but everything is like that, with a touch of pretension.

the beginning of a relationshipthe beginning of a relationship

And very soon you feel that your communication is reduced to excuses. Your excuses

Like a delinquent schoolgirl, you explain that you’re busy at work and you’re very tired, or chatting with a girlfriend, or the battery is dead. You feel bad, but the brain does not back down, says: “Come on – did you think it would be easy? You are used to being alone and not reporting to anyone, and family life is full of obligations, now you have a man, a good man, by the way, so go study. And you keep learning. That is, suffer.

In fact, from the first five minutes of communication with a person, it should be simple, in the sense that it is clear who he is, what he wants and what he wants. And this understanding makes it easy.

dating without relationshipdating without relationship

When it’s not easy, it’s not clear and it’s difficult, get up and leave. It will only get worse from there!

When it’s easy, you don’t have to make excuses. You yourself will want to say that you will be late today, and he will want to apologize for not calling you for two days. Swearing with such a person is also easy, because you don’t swear at all, you hear each other and are ready to adapt to your partner.

If only you need to adjust, then this is called breaking. The other person breaks you and you let him do it. In good relationships, people do not break each other, they inspire and delight.

Joy is another sign of a healthy relationship. When you are happy and you are happy.

relationship tangledrelationship tangled

Do you like yourself with this man? If you notice that in a relationship you have become tense, irritated, you are guilty or, on the contrary, you get hurt and cry most of the time, then this is not because you have an early menopause, or PMS, or you are generally an evil bitch.

This is from the fact that the man who is next to you has such an effect on you. Does not give you attention, support, interest, does not show that you occupy a significant place in his life.

If most of the time in a relationship you want to figure it out, and not live it, it means that your current relationship is shitty.

And the brain can give you another 150 smart tips on how to wrap a poop in a beautiful candy wrapper, but this will not make you feel any better. After all, the filling of the candy wrapper will not change.

the nature of the relationshipthe nature of the relationship

If next to your partner you want to smile, become better, perceive even difficulties or acute moments of relationships with a positive attitude – you have a good relationship.

Everyone has conflicts. But there is a huge difference between a conflict in which they sort things out, and one where they are looking for someone to blame. More precisely, they appoint. Always you.

So don’t listen to your brain. He can give you a thousand good advice, but not in terms of relationships. Rely on feelings. They will not deceive. And trust yourself.

If it seems to you that something is going wrong, then it doesn’t seem to you – do not rush to designate yourself as suspicious or demanding. This means that you are not comfortable in a relationship. And there are reasons for this.

Simple, easy and joyful – these are the only three things for which we create couples. And we treat hemorrhoids, so why have it in life?