Often we voluntarily have our heads in the clouds. We misjudge our loved one and make many mistakes. How not to fall into this trap? What installations on men are especially harmful?

 5 harmful misconceptions about men 5 harmful misconceptions about men

“Someday he will divorce his wife”

To think so is to deceive yourself. Because only 5% of men leave their wives to seal the marriage with their mistress. Usually married women meet insecure women, girls with a victim complex, or those who do not need marriage and responsibility.

What to do? If a woman wants to start a family, she needs to leave “married love”. And try to understand: what exactly motivates her to act on the sidelines? Father’s attitude in childhood, total self-doubt, repetition of the family maternal scenario?


“I can’t find anyone better”

At first, it may seem that these words belong to a girl in love. But in fact, the victims of such delusions are most often insecure women who do not want to be responsible for their lives. They are so afraid of being alone that they are ready to endure anything!

What to do? Work on self-esteem, learn to respect yourself. To conquer new territories that will allow you to respect yourself and not be afraid of tomorrow. And to be alone for some time to understand that it’s not scary. Well, to experience the drive from the independent decisions made.

sad girl photosad girl photo

Work on self-esteem, learn to respect yourself. Conquer new territories that will allow you to respect yourself and not be afraid of tomorrow

“Men only want sex”

Indeed, there are such guys – but they are few. And if a girl starts blackmailing a guy with sex, nothing good will come of it. Sex is not a reward for him, it’s a pleasure for two. There are also women who master all sorts of intimate techniques to keep a man. But they rarely succeed!

What to do? If a lady knows a lot about sex, then it’s time to just take care of yourself. For example, go to a personal growth training, do a business that you have dreamed about all your life. Someone takes up a brush, someone starts sewing or doing decoupage. In the end, you can travel thematically! The main thing is to open yourself as a person, respect and appreciate.

Men only want sexMen only want sex

There are also women who master many intimate techniques in order to keep a man. But they rarely succeed

“He’ll be lost without me”

This syndrome affects female mothers. They find themselves such guys who do not want to do anything themselves. And they carry responsibility for two. And yes, they get their bonuses from this: they say, how generous I am, I save a person.

What to do? You need to stop controlling your partner and command them. Part of the responsibility to give to him is his life, his mistakes and joys. And switch to yourself – work, home, garden, hobby.

Infantilism, PhotoInfantilism, Photo

“He’s just a genius!”

Oh yes, but he hasn’t done anything great yet, but he managed to spoil the nerves of his beloved woman! Such guys are contacted by girls with a victim complex and those who really want to bask in the glory of the “genius”. Such young ladies have in their heads examples from the life of the Decembrists and other wives who sacrificed themselves.

What to do? Do not feed yourself with empty hopes, but leave. Yes, it is difficult, but otherwise a woman can spend three, five or more years of her life on a genius. And in return, get only disappointment – and in yourself as well. And the “genius” will turn out to be an ordinary drunkard or an idler.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

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