What do we mean when we say “sexy man”?

Sometimes you meet a person who, in many respects, could become the main character of your dreams, but … not become him. Some small details are missing – or vice versa, something needs to be reduced. And you think: but gentlemen just don’t always know what features we so eagerly look out for in them! And we ourselves can not always give ourselves an account of this. But how much more alive is the process of attraction of the halves, when both parties understand what attracts and excites them!
So, the top most erotic features of men, according to most women.

1. Mindfulness

Attractive man, PhotoAttractive man, Photo

No, he, of course, should not look into his mouth or look at him with an evaluating look from head to toe and back. But when he, turning to you, shows that he is interested, that he is listening, that he notices your mood and a good hairstyle … Oh, such a gentleman immediately becomes doubly nicer in our eyes, even if he is not Apollo in proportions! Proportions are, of course, important, but small flaws can be successfully hidden with the help of some other pluses. For example, paragraph 2.

2. Smile

Male smile, PhotoMale smile, Photo

Some smiles can do crazy things! Lure smiles are different. Someone is thrilled by children’s dimples on their cheeks. Some people can’t resist ray-wrinkles around the eyes or even the ridiculous habit of wrinkling their nose. In any case, this phenomenon illuminates the face and increases the desire to kiss it right on the smile! And if there is still tenderness in it …

3. Big strong arms

I just want to dream up how they hug you tightly … How they lift you into the air and carry you … Confidently, but carefully.

4. Well-groomed appearance

Sexy man, PhotoSexy man, Photo

Certain eccentric ladies, of course, are ignited by oiled overalls. But, as practice shows, thoughts of solitude are more likely to be suggested by polished stylish shoes than all-terrain boots under a layer of black soil. The main thing is that in the pursuit of sophistication, the metrosexual should not cross the line … Otherwise, too well-groomed manicure (especially if the owner publicly pays attention to its beauty) can scare away: citizen, what are your preferences? ..

5. Long fingers, long eyelashes

Attractive man, PhotoAttractive man, Photo

This prize was shared by signs suggestive of tenderness and sensitivity: here he looks expressively, there he affectionately strokes … Although it must be said that in childhood such pretty boys are given increased attention for being touching and similar to girls. There is an increased risk that a pretty daffodil has grown as a result…

What women don’t like about men

What serves as an “aphrodisiac in reverse” for the fair sex?
1. Excessive talkativeness, boastfulness and narcissism. Inability to keep one’s word and take care of those around.
2. Bad manners and habits. Like swallowing words, scratching or something like that.
3. Unsuccessful attempts to make yourself look good. For example, when a man tries to cover a thinned place on his head with strands from the sides.
4. Strong perfume smell. It’s better not to “puff” at all, just a good walk on your biceps and a cube of shower gel – than to spread the fragrance for a kilometer.
5. Stylistic punctures and failures. For example, sandals worn over socks, or white socks under black shoes. Or a wide loose shirt (t-shirt) tucked into tight trousers. However, if there is something unsympathetic in the prince – the inability to dress, this is fixable. Firstly, in bed, he will still be in what his mother gave birth. Secondly, you can tame him, and then unobtrusively follow his wardrobe habits!

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