What qualities should a woman have that men will not bypass? A well-known TV presenter, writer, author and host of popular psychological trainings and webinars, Professor of Psychology Pavel Rakov revealed to us the secrets that every woman should own. So, how to become a magnet for a man and what feminine qualities will he definitely appreciate?

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Top 5 secrets of Pavel Rakov

To begin with, it must be emphasized that all men are completely different and can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first category includes men who like to take responsibility and, as a rule, they are all successful. But there is also a second category of men who do not need this responsibility. Therefore, for these two categories, completely different female qualities are attractive.

If you want to learn how to communicate and conquer a successful and self-sufficient man, develop the following qualities in yourself.


1. Femininity

Femininity is a kind of biological state that can be compared to a slight arousal. If a woman likes herself and shows with her whole appearance that she is satisfied with life, she automatically attracts a man. He wants to be next to a woman who radiates happiness, self-confidence and positive emotions.

2. Gratitude

It is very important for women to learn to thank and accept signs of attention of the stronger sex. Because a man is “giving” by nature. He likes to serve, to give, as he was created to work and to throw all his victories at the feet of his beloved woman. And ladies, in turn, need to be able to accept and thank a man for his efforts, since gratitude is an important quality in a relationship.


3. Confidence

A confident woman always attracts the attention of a male. But this state should not be confused with self-confidence. Confidence must be based on real achievements. Therefore, instead of being modest about your merits in life, on the contrary – admire them and a man will be delighted with your confidence.

4. The ability to ask

Yes, just ask him for help. A man will appreciate this, because he likes to give a woman the fruits of his work. In addition, he will see that you are free and not insecure, and these qualities are very attractive to men.

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5. Ability to admit mistakes

Do you want a man to admire you? Learn to admit your mistakes. Confess to him that you are… a fool and you will see what happens. Firstly, after such a confession, he will understand that you are far from being a fool, and secondly, he will be delighted! You can go outside and do a little experiment. Go to the first man you like and tell him: “I’m a fool.” You will see admiration, joy and delight in his eyes.