American researchers have found that men do not want to pay for a girl on a first date. About 70% expect a woman to show independence and pay her part of the bill. However, the majority of men (76%) experience pangs of conscience when they accept money from a companion.

Date with a foreigner - photoDate with a foreigner - photo

Young people who advocate financial equality admitted that they quickly lost interest in a girl if she did not pay for herself in a cafe. Psychologists explain this by the fact that the standard courtship system is already outdated – the behavior of men and women has changed: there are both businesswomen and housewives. Traditional courtship patterns are gradually being squeezed out of society.

How to win over a man on a first date?  - a photoHow to win over a man on a first date?  - a photo

The ladies are not so simple in the situation with paying the bill. More than a third, when offering money in a restaurant, in the depths of their souls hope that their companion will turn out to be a gentleman and pay for everything himself.

date in a restaurant photodate in a restaurant photo

All statistics can be attributed to the first dates, because in the future, as a rule, there is a constant division of expenses for entertainment, and everyone pays for himself.