Father and son swimming in the seaFather and son swimming in the sea

British researchers have made an incredible discovery: representatives of the strong half of humanity grow up 11 years later than women.

Sociologists conducted a survey, wondering why adult men remain children for so long. Because of this, for example, it is difficult for them to build serious normal relationships and even find a common language with their children. It turned out that the average age of growing up for a man is 43 years. But women mature much earlier – up to 32 years.

For the most part, men remain rather infantile. First of all, this is manifested in their behavior, fear of losing the status of “single”, inability to cope with serious life problems, etc. In addition, experts believe that it is precisely the “midlife crisis” in men that is just a sign of growing up: rational, he begins to see the world more realistically. However, it is rather difficult for psychologists to distinguish between these two states: after all, both the “midlife crisis” and growing up have one thing in common: a man regrets that he managed to do so little in his youth that he spent precious time on all sorts of stupid things.