How often a woman in an emotional outburst throws a man: “Yes, you are simply not able to understand me!”

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Today, these emotions have received scientific confirmation, and men have a kind of indulgence: they simply, when confronted with the emotions of the opposite sex, “fall asleep” the part of the brain responsible for recognizing the mental state.

Scientists from the German town of Bochum, working at the LWL University Hospital, conducted an experiment: 22 male volunteers were shown 36 images of eyes (equally male and female) and asked to describe the expression of these eyes, for example, “horror” or “distrust”. Young people did not initially know whether they were describing male or female eyes.

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As a result of the study, it turned out that the subjects were almost twice as good at identifying emotions expressed through the eyes of other men, but women’s eyes often confused them and they misinterpreted their expression.

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After brain scans, the scientists concluded that in the men who took part in the study, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe brain (the amygdala), which is responsible for the ability to compare the experiences of another person with their own, activated when looking at men’s eyes and they were able to more correctly correlate the emotions they saw with their own. experience, and therefore to determine the mental state, but when looking at the female eyes, the amygdala seemed to “fall asleep”.

Scientists have not yet tested how this area of ​​the brain works in women.