Determine his temperament by his favorite ice cream! Is he ready to experiment? And how ardent? Don’t know yet? It will tell you a delicacy that a man loves.

Male character, photoMale character, photo

This is the most popular ice cream. Does your man choose it too? Lucky you! Next to you is an ardent and tender lover, faithful to the lady of his heart. But experiments in bed are not entirely in his spirit: he prefers the “classics of the genre.”

Find out the character of a man, PhotoFind out the character of a man, Photo

Sensuality is its hallmark. He is kind to a woman, instinctively understanding how to give her pleasure and make her happy. Keep in mind that he himself also appreciates exquisite caresses.

Your man captivates with his cheerful character. Sex for him is the most pleasant thing in the world. He is a tireless and affectionate lover. But he may lack a little imagination and a desire for diversity. You can teach him new positions!

Ice cream personality testIce cream personality test

This is an eternal adventurer. If you yourself love to experiment in bed, with him you will satisfy any of your desires! But you have to come to terms with the fact that in everyday life this person does not like to take responsibility too much.

He is so charming – and he has a great imagination! It is never boring with him – neither in everyday life, nor in bed. If he loves, he will be faithful. True, the opportunity to flirt harmlessly – will not miss!

Irregularity is what attracts him. In bed, he is excellent, always open to everything new and unusual. But when it comes to love, he is extremely picky. Even the most passionate night may not touch his heart.

Ice cream test, PhotoIce cream test, Photo

Don’t expect action from him. He is timid and indecisive. The feeling of security is the most important thing for him. Relations with him do not promise special ups, but they promise deeply sensual moments. You will feel happiness with every cell!

Editor’s advice. Notice how he eats ice cream. Bite off? Such in bed is energetic and tireless. Lick? Perhaps he is not overly passionate. But more gentle.

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