Scientists from the University of Chicago analyzed the statistics and “quality” of marriages between 2005 and 2012.


It turned out that a third of them began with online dating. At the same time, the number of divorces among the same couples was 6%. The divorce rate for couples who met offline was 7.6%.

At the same time, answering the questions of the questionnaire about satisfaction with marriage, couples who owe their education to the Internet also outperformed their rivals: they were satisfied with their relationship by 5.64 points, against 5.48 points for everyone else.

Top 6 things to know about online dating - photoTop 6 things to know about online dating - photo

One of the reasons for this situation, psychologists led by John Cacioppo call a large amount of information, including visual, that future partners receive about each other using social networks. This allows them to make a more informed decision. Among situations outside the network where future spouses can meet, blind dates hold the sad palm: families that are formed after such dates break up most often, according to statistics.