Did you know that a person’s character can be judged by their favorite coffee drink?

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At least this is what clinical psychologist Romani Durvasula is sure of, who managed to establish a connection between the type of drink and the personal qualities of coffee lovers.

Perhaps you will discuss the results of a study by a doctor of science from the UK with your friends over a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe.

  • Black coffee is preferred by purists, for whom the rules are above all else. They avoid excesses, trying to surround themselves with simplicity, and never miss an opportunity to express indignation at the coming changes. Are you going to offer the purist something new? Try to do it as delicately as possible, and be prepared for criticism.
coffee photocoffee photo
  • People who drink latte like to surround loved ones with attention and care. Lovers of a gentle drink love to make pleasant surprises. Are there any latte lovers among your friends? Don’t forget to thank them for everything they do for you.
  • Real perfectionists will never deny themselves a cup of hot cappuccino. Such people try to keep everything under control and, as a rule, put forward high demands not only for themselves, but also for others. Treat the perfectionist’s advice as useful advice.
  • Instant coffee is the choice of those who are distinguished by their laid-back behavior. Such people tend to put off even urgent and very important things for later. Keep this in mind if you want to ask the instant drinker to do something urgent.
  • But fans of sweet and cold coffee-glace, according to psychologist Romany Durvasula, are more inclined to commit risky acts than others. By the way, it is these people who usually become “trendsetters”.