A lot really depends on the first date. Are you going to meet a person who has already managed to win your sympathy?

Perhaps little female tricks will help you make a good impression on a potential partner.


Try to choose a modest sophisticated outfit that will emphasize the beauty of your body. Do not hide a chic chest and a thin waist under loose-fitting clothes.

However, don’t overdo it! Excessive sexuality on the first date will be out of place.

Little secret: put on nice underwear for a date. This will give you confidence!


Manicure is a visiting card of a woman. Ladies with unkempt nails, men, as a rule, are not attracted. Be sure to take the time to put your hands in order.


The scent of your body is a powerful weapon of seduction. Do not drown out the subtle natural smell with strong perfumes.


Tomorrow is your first date? Refrain from bold experiments with appearance! In a new image, you will feel constrained.

Peace of mind

Taking valerian extract before a rendezvous, of course, is not worth it. However, you still need to calm down and relax. Try not to show your excitement to the interlocutor.

touch magic

During a conversation, you can touch the stalls. Do it lightly and unobtrusively. Avoid erogenous zones, otherwise the man will decide that you are pestering him.


Keep the conversation calm, do not interrupt the partner and ask him questions. It is better to keep silent about personal problems and unsuccessful novels. Do not overshadow the long-awaited meeting of this kind of memories. A man can be jealous!

Smile and laugh at his jokes. A positive tone of communication is the key to a successful date.