Man and womanMan and woman

Every woman has her own preferences regarding the smell of a man. At the same time, as psychologist Craig Robert and his colleagues from the University of Stirling say, we are talking about the natural aroma of the body.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving volunteers, during which men had to sleep for two days in the same cotton T-shirt. Then the girls rated the smell of clothes in points.

Three months later, the experiment was repeated, and it turned out that all the representatives of the fair sex called the most pleasant the same smell as the last time.

Researchers are convinced that women’s preferences have not changed because they are based on genetic tastes. “People can use the smell of a partner to instinctively determine the quality of the genes of the immune system. Women subconsciously choose men with a different genotype, thus providing a variety of immunological tools to their offspring, ”comments Professor Rob Brooks.