How do men imagine the perfect day? British researchers interviewed hundreds of men of various professions and ages and made up the perfect day, as the representatives of the stronger sex imagine it.

Man on sofa photoMan on sofa photo

It turns out that the average man is ready to spend about 4 hours and 19 minutes on sex, while he would like to do work for 3 hours and 36 minutes. Friends and family members of the man had to be content with 3 hours and 22 minutes of precious male time.

The stronger sex is ready to spend the same amount of time on sleep, and men agree to eat 2 hours and 38 minutes. Men agree to allocate only 29 minutes for self-care.

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In addition, this interesting study revealed some more interesting facts about men. The survey revealed that 64% of the stronger sex regularly use smartphones and tablets in the toilet, and 26% of gentlemen have the habit of making a list of tomorrow’s things during intimacy.

In our age of insane speed, men are sorely lacking time: 51% of young people under 34 are seriously worried that they do not have time to do everything they would like to do, and 70% of those surveyed are ready to give up a few friends if this measure gave them more time.

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Meanwhile, some men are successfully coping with the challenges of our difficult times, for example, 20% of the stronger sex study foreign languages ​​or learn new skills using mobile technologies while traveling to work.


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