Yes, another “man of your dreams” again disappeared without any explanation. And yes, you could again shout that he is a goat, but sometimes men run away simply because you are unbearable.


So, before you are 8 types of women from whom men run away quickly, irrevocably and guaranteed. Guaranteed fast and guaranteed irrevocably.

1. Miss Know-It-All

She knows everything, about everything, about everyone and, of course, better than anyone. A man next to such a miss has no chance at all. Nobody has a chance. Even if a man is a specialist in hydrodynamic bearings, then Miss Know-It-All will tell you something about them. Of course, with the air of an expert. And he will also undertake to teach, or rather, teach how a man can do better. As a man in general it is better to live. But he already knows only how fast he needs to run.

2. Miss Gentle Creation


Yes, there should be fragility in a woman, she attracts. But Miss Gentle Creation has so many of them that it’s generally scary to approach. “You took my hand, but I will have a bruise”, “Go on a picnic? What are you, I’ll catch a cold”, “On Saturday for a beer? But I signed up for a lecture on early impressionism, and you don’t even know how Monet differs from Manet.” Men are simple and mundane creatures. They can listen to both the Impressionists and Monet from the lips of a woman they like. And even go with her somewhere where they don’t really want to. Simply because a woman likes it. But they are not ready to hold a crystal cap over a woman “do not touch, do not breathe, I am all so refined and refined.”

3. Lady Cool

This woman is always cool. And yes, she is cool. He works according to the highest standard, lives according to the highest level, and also rests. A celestial who descended to earth out of curiosity. And here he communicates with one of the mere mortals, with a man, also out of interest. Never stop showing him how lucky he is. Only Mister Cool can appreciate this “joy”, he will have someone to measure the level of narcissism with.

4. Lady Right

Woman - photoWoman - photo

Lady Cool is doing great, but Lady Wright is doing everything right. Everything is perfectly correct. Perfect make-up, clearly corresponding to the place and time. Proper clothing. Proper nutrition is a balance of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Healthy sleep. Not a drop of alcohol. Yoga in the morning, fitness in the evening. “Beer and fish on Saturday? In the evening? No, what do you mean, I don’t eat after 6 pm. No fish, only steam. I have fitness tonight, but you can come with me.” Such ladies also have sex in the right way, at the right time of the day, in the right place, they bend perfectly, moan correctly at the right moments. 5 minutes and minus 250 calories. “That’s it, dear, now I have to go, salad, glass of water, manicure, and yes, it would be nice for you to go to the gym, and also think about your nutrition.” Next to such a woman, a man immediately begins to feel not just not ideal, but wrong, with a bunch of bad habits that Lady Wright will tirelessly and correctly fight. But it is better to save her from this struggle.

5. Miss “I want to get married”

Two wedding rings glow in the pupils of this girl. The script for her wedding has long been painted. There is also a list of guests. It remains a little – to find a man for the role of the groom. Each is considered. It is being looked at closely. The man sees in this look the clang of family shackles and hears the sounds of the wedding march. And he runs. On the opposite side of the wedding. Men also marry and create families, but they prefer to come to this desire themselves, and not be driven into a corner.

6. Miss Mercantile

Woman - photoWoman - photo

If Miss “I want to get married” has two rings instead of pupils, then Miss Mercantile has money instead. She weighs a man like a piece of meat in a store: how much money he has and how much she can get from him. Such a woman can only be attracted by a “sponsor”, and then if she is young and pretty. In all other cases, men disappear because they want to be people, not talking wallets.

7. Lady Boss, or Miss Careerist

It may be interesting to discuss oil prices or the Dow Jones index with her. But soon the man discovers that they have nothing else to talk about. And Miss Careerist will always prefer work to a date or a trip to a club. She doesn’t know how to cook. Her home is faceless, like in the office. She does not know how to relax, but she has sex without stopping an important conversation with a colleague from a foreign branch. The man leaves, preferring not to be the third wheel in a pair of Miss Careerist and her Job.

8. Miss Tuning

well-groomed girl photowell-groomed girl photo

Endlessly something improves in its appearance. And her eyelashes are extended, and nails, and curls. And straziki in all places, even on the dog, which is under his arm. Or yapping from a purse from some fashion designer’s latest collection. And a tattoo. For myself and the dog. The booty is pumped up, the chest with the lips too. In general, a man can stumble over such beauty. And then: “Oh, my eyelash fell off”, “Oh, be careful, you will ruin my hair”, “Oh, I won’t go, I’m in heels”, “Oh-oh-oh, my nail broke.” In general, “tragedy” and new tuning. It would be better to pump up the brains.

If you recognize yourself in one of the types, do not despair, you need to change. You can love your work, and your appearance, and Monet, and Manet, but the measure is good in everything. Men prefer balanced women.