Sex successfully copes with stress and headaches.

Having sex is always great! But especially in spring! Spring is a wonderful time of the year, but often we literally “crawl” into it, suffering from beriberi and blues. Improve health and mood, add strength and help us flourish… sex!

Cheer up, improve immunity, help bloom... Sex can do anything!Cheer up, improve immunity, help blossom... Sex can do anything!

1. Sex boosts immunity

Experts from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found that making love at least 3 times a week increases the level of immunoglobulin A in the human body by 30%. Thanks to this, the immune system can cope with any colds much faster. Plus, it’s better than ginger tea.

2. Sex prolongs life

Studies show that 2 orgasms a week can extend life by 10 years. This happens thanks to the hormone of youth with an unpronounceable name – dehydroepiandrosterone, which, among other things, reduces the risk of diabetes and osteoporosis.

3. Sex makes you smarter

During lovemaking, the brain is actively saturated with oxygen, as a result of which the reaction rate increases and memory improves. In addition, scientists from Queensland (Australia) found that the hormone prolactin produced during sex stimulates the active reproduction of brain cells, which, in turn, is an excellent means of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Sex reduces the risk of heart disease

Scientists from the University of Belfast (England) during the experiments proved that the hormones released during sex help reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke. People who indulge in love at least 3 times a week are 50% less susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

5. Sex replaces fitness

Fitness or sex?  It's up to you, but sex with your loved one is still more pleasant than jogging1Fitness or sex?  It's up to you, but sex with your loved one is still more pleasant than jogging1

In just half an hour of proximity, the body loses as many calories as it spends with a 30-minute run. In addition, lovemaking helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. True, in order for these conditions to be observed, it is necessary not only to accept affection, but also to actively move.

6. Sex relieves stress

Sex successfully copes with stress and headaches. Sex successfully copes with stress and headaches.

British scientists conducted an experiment in which 300 women took part. The study found that women who had sex and whose partners did not use condoms were less prone to blues. This is due to the beneficial effect on the female body of the hormone prostaglandin, which is contained in male sperm.

7. Sex rejuvenates

Regular sex can be safely replaced by numerous jars of miracle creams. Scottish doctors have found that during intimacy, the production of collagen in the skin increases, which, in turn, has a rejuvenating effect.

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