Do you think that the partner has lost its former interest? Have your nights become less passionate and hugs less hot? If you behave correctly in this situation, then you will not only return the former fire to the relationship, but also open up completely new aspects of sexual life.


Nothing will interest a partner more than sex with a stranger. So try to become for one night a completely different, alien and unexpected woman.

Egyptian queen


The image of Cleopatra is especially relevant in cases where you need to show your partner that it is up to you that his fate for the next night depends. To create an image, a black bob wig, eye-catching makeup with accents on the eyes, as well as massive gold jewelry over a light silk robe will be enough. You can start the game in the bathroom, and continue on the “royal bed”.

inexperienced girl


If you think that the image of Cleopatra will scare your partner rather than excite you, then try the lighter image of Lolita. It is enough to braid pigtails, put on a short skirt and white stockings, and you will turn into a little girl, ready to learn the art of love.

Lifeguard Malibu


Most believe that Pamela Anderson’s well-known run along the ocean coast brought popularity to the series “Malibu Rescuers”. Do not worry, you won’t have to run at night, but a red swimsuit is still worth looking for. Get out with your partner for a night swim, where you will demonstrate all your skills to escape from boredom and routine.

Angry cop


If for a long time the partner did not pay due attention to you, this is the very moment when you should put on the uniform of a policeman. In this way, you can write him a fine, and how he will pay for it, decide already in the bedroom.

Compliant maid


When it comes to a man who constantly disappears at work, the image of a maid would be ideal. In the appropriate costume, you will show him your humility and readiness to fulfill any of his wishes.

omniscient geisha


A geisha is the perfect image for a domineering woman who knows all the subtleties of lovemaking and wants to demonstrate them to her man. You can start the game with a traditional tea ceremony, continue with a massage, and then move on to more serious entertainment.

young nurse


After a hard working week, your man needs rest and proper care. Put on a white coat and treat your “patient”.

Photo: pinterest