If you are still thinking about how to cope with loneliness, we have 6 universal tips for you to help you cope with being lonely.

1. Substitution of concepts

Single womanSingle woman

First you need to realize that “alone” and “being alone” are not the same thing. If in our mentality these words even at the level of phonetics are mixed up, then in English there are two different concepts: alone (which can be interpreted as “being alone”) and lonely (which means lonely). Why should these concepts be separated? It’s simple: you can live alone, or you can feel lonely when you’re in a relationship.
How to figure it out: do not be complacent, give yourself an exact understanding of what kind of loneliness is characteristic of you. The victim complex is not the most worthy position.

2. Stereotypes

If you are worried that being single (that is, without a partner) is wrong, then let’s figure out why. First, a stereotype from the Bible: it is not good for Adam to be alone, so God created Eve. Yes, and Aristotle in the Greek tradition spoke of man as a “social animal”, emphasizing the word “public”, without any intention to compare people with animals.

What to do: if you feel comfortable outside of a relationship, that’s okay, don’t be ashamed of it. When you want to take care of someone, then the relationship will find you. How to survive loneliness? Endure, turn a minus into a plus. Make loneliness a positive quality. When you’re single, you can be independent, watch the movies you like, cook the food you like. In general, do not adapt to anyone. Appreciate this opportunity while it lasts.

3. Individualism

We are not trying to justify loneliness, but we say that it is not shameful or sinful to live independently, develop, draw inspiration, communicate with different people and not tie the knot in marriage or love relationships. The modern world is divided into two flanks: the first is made up of young ladies who are thinking about how to survive loneliness; the second is ladies who enjoy what they have and take everything from life.

What to do: find out which of the flanks of women you belong to. And then remember that individualism has always been held in high esteem: think about the meaning of life, contemplate, do art, do what you like. Have you chosen the side where all this is possible? Or do you need to reconsider your interests?

4. Drop criticism

There is another great way to deal with loneliness: you need to stop criticizing it. Maybe you can’t deal with the fact that others have relationships and you don’t. So you psychologically justify your insecurities by criticizing relationships and the institution of marriage.

Think about it: the ability to be alone and feel whole (so whole that you don’t need a soul mate) comes with age and experience. Stop criticizing loneliness, others, drop your negative attitude towards marriage. Accept everything as it is, and you will become an even deeper personality. And after that you will meet a person who is close to you in spirit.

5. For myself

If you are single right now, then the best way to get over loneliness is to make time for yourself. If you’re single, that’s no reason not to love yourself! You need to please yourself, make time for yourself, communicate with friends and lead a fulfilling life.

How to implement it: try shopping. End a hard day with a trip to the movies. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or, even better, flowers in a pot. Good literature, quality music, delicious dinner – train yourself to get only the best. For the best, like butterflies into the world, worthy men often “fly”, do not forget about it.

6. Give and take

Another fun way to deal with loneliness is to learn to give. Life, of course, is not an Oscar Wilde fairy tale in which the prince gave all his gold and sapphires to people he felt sorry for. But we must be able to give without demanding anything in return.
Why it’s worth a try: at least because everything in this life comes back like a boomerang in double size. On the one hand, this is a purely Christian morality in the spirit of “help your neighbor”, and on the other hand, it is just an attempt to develop selflessness in yourself. Believe me, helping others, you ignore your loneliness and a worthy person can easily take his place.