Are you sure you can see right through your lover? Alas, it’s not quite like that. There are things that a man will never tell you about. Sometimes it’s even for the better. But there are a few things you might find useful to know. What is your lover not ready to share with you?

6 things that men are silent about - photo6 things that men are silent about - photo

He doesn’t like your jokes

It is possible that he thinks that you have no sense of humor at all. It didn’t cross your mind, did it? After all, he laughs so sincerely when you joke. In fact, your jokes seem to him nothing more than funny. Simply because men’s jokes are much tougher than women’s. Humor in a male company is often rude, politically incorrect and obscene. Representatives of the stronger sex consider women’s jokes stupid and childish.

He thinks his ex is cool

6 things that men are silent about - photo6 things that men are silent about - photo

It just didn’t work out. But you will never hear it from him. Most likely, a man will not talk about past relationships at all or will lie, attributing to her several terrible shortcomings that he allegedly could not put up with. Why is he cheating? Firstly, he puts himself in your place: he would also not want to lose the comparison to your ex-boyfriend. Secondly, it saves your nerves. Admitting that the relationship with the past passion was cloudless will inevitably make you jealous.

He loves compliments

6 things that men are silent about - photo6 things that men are silent about - photo

If in the Stone Age a man was good simply because he was a man, today this is not enough for us. In the modern world, it is not men who choose women, but women choose men. In addition, many young ladies have learned to be independent: they themselves earn a living and are not at all upset if they do not have a permanent partner. In other words, today a man is no longer considered a handsome prince by default. Despite this, praising the representatives of the stronger sex and noticing their dignity is still not accepted. Believe me, he is waiting for you to say how strong, courageous and beautiful he is. Even if outwardly a man does not show delight, he really likes to hear compliments from you.

He may have sexual problems


Not always awkward situations in bed indicate that a man’s health is not in order. His “organ of valor” can act up at times. Simply because any organism is a living thing, and therefore unpredictable.

He wants to be alone

6 things that men are silent about - photo6 things that men are silent about - photo

We all need peace and quiet from time to time. Literally. Verbal and non-verbal communication drains the nervous system. This does not mean that in order to restore peace of mind, it is necessary to isolate oneself from the whole world for a week and switch to a reclusive lifestyle. It is enough to periodically arrange a little rest for yourself. In the case of a man, it can be fishing, hunting, or a long bike ride. If your loved one expresses a desire to devote time to his hobby alone, it is better not to interfere with him.

He doesn’t want sex

Man and woman in bed photoMan and woman in bed photo

Sometimes. And that’s okay. But it is generally accepted that it is not masculine to refuse a lady in intimacy. Therefore, he never admits that he does not want to. He’d rather pretend to fall asleep while you took a shower. Don’t be upset. Let the beloved rest.


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