If you are afraid of being a single woman, then you simply do not know all the advantages of this position. And we will tell you now.

1. Flirting

If you are single, then you have a big trump card: men can look after you, and you can go on dates, flirt and flirt, honing your skills.

Remember that facial expressions, gestures, and speech can have a sexual connotation. Be careful with this: do not let a man get too close if you are not sure about him. And, as an officially single girl, you can have several guy friends, each of whom can show their interest and attention to you. Not a bad plus, right?
Moral: there are never too many men for single women.

2. Dream

The advantage of a single woman is a huge bed. Notice, not empty, because someone is missing in it, but a huge one, belonging exclusively to you. You can lie down the way you like, no one will snort, sniffle, check the smartphone in the middle of the night and other wonderful little things that life is good without.

Moral: single women are more likely to get enough sleep.

3. parties

You can burn as much as you want. If you like fun parties, no one limits you in anything. This means the following:

  • you need to know the measure so as not to get stuck in an absurd situation
  • you will have to take responsibility for yourself and take yourself home (by public transport or taxi)

If you position yourself as a free, and not as a single woman, there will be no end to men at the same party. The main thing is to learn how to turn minuses into pluses.

Moral: single women are allowed to enter parties.

4. Shopping

If you are not in a relationship, then no one forbids you to go shopping when you like and spend as much money as you want. Of course, you will have to pay for everything yourself. But single women have no restrictions on what to buy and how to dress. So, show your style in all its beauty!

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5. Free time

Single and independent women prefer to spend their time sensibly. In addition to parties where you make new useful acquaintances and relax, you have enough time for the gym and for your favorite business. This is an obvious plus. When you do not spend time with a loved one, you spend it on yourself. To improve oneself, to develop and strive for a certain goal, so that, having met the right person, to be as ready for him as possible – it is for the sake of such goals that single women invest their energy, time and money in self-development.

Moral: develop and improve to match the person who will be with you.

6. At home with a single woman, most often you will find the perfect order.

Unless she once again dumped the contents of the closet in search of the right dress. When you live with a man, you often have to put things in order not only for yourself, but also for him. Otherwise, you are only responsible for yourself. If you always have cleanliness and order, then you keep the situation under control, and no one can change it. Order

Moral: single women themselves control the situation in the house, they know where they have what lies and try to live in order.