Over time, in any relationship, passion can cool off. What if sex becomes commonplace, and you really want to return the sharpness to the relationship? Psychologist and NLP trainer Tatyana Larina spoke about the secrets of programming a man for intimacy in the program “Everything will be kind” on the STB channel.

how to get passion backhow to get passion back

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, you can achieve unprecedented results: a man will change his attitude to sex in a matter of weeks and the passion between you will flare up with renewed vigor. These conclusions were reached by all three participants in the experiment, who tested Tatyana’s advice on their own husbands.

everything will be fineeverything will be fine

Irina Baktyaya, Inna Silantyeva and Lyudmila Shupenyuk shared what has changed in their family life after applying NLP techniques.

Non-working ways to arouse passion

In the meantime, journalists conducted a study, having learned from men that, from the stereotyped methods of seduction, they are not turned on at all. The top three were:

– romantic movies;
— massage;
– Romantic dinner.

everything will be fineeverything will be fine

3 ways to program for passion – Tatyana Larina’s advice

According to the psychologist, methods should be selected individually – so first, carefully study the addictions of your chosen one.

To program a man to desire sex and return passion, NLP uses the “anchoring” technique – in fact, creating a conditioned reflex when sex with a loved one will be associated with some actions or objects for him.

In the program “Everything will be kind”, the invited participants talked about three methods that they tried on their spouses:

– “anchoring” to a certain color;
– a combination of verbal (verbal) message and touch;
– “anchoring” to the smell.