Summer has come, we have thrown off our warm clothes, coupled with winter lethargy, which means it’s time to think about how to diversify our sex life due to the weather opportunities that have opened up.

sex new positionssex new positions

Here are some ideas for not boring sex!

Sex in nature

sex in naturesex in nature

It could be a park, a waterfront, or a bench at a bus stop. The more crowded and bright the place and time are, the faster the sex should be. Unless, of course, you want to complete it at the police station. Although getting to the police for sex in a public place is an extreme sport that you will never forget. But if you are not ready for such a finale, then it is enough to make sure that twilight, or a bush, or a bench in a secluded alley hide you from prying eyes. Light clothing will ensure a quick exposure, and the very idea that you are in a public place and at any moment you can be taken by surprise will add spice and spice to habitual sex.

Sex in a restaurant or cafe

sex in naturesex in nature

Almost the same as in the park, only with more comfort. And with plenty of time too. A table in a quiet corner will hide what is happening under it, such as petting or blowjobs. And the unisex toilet will allow you to do everything else without the risk of getting into the police or being caught by random passers-by.

Sex in the cinema

sex in moviessex in movies

Fortunately, now almost all cinemas that respect themselves and the intimate life of their viewers provide special sofas for two. As a rule, they are located in the last few rows of the hall and are at some distance from one another. Thus, you will not disturb other viewers who have not yet understood or, on the contrary, have already understood and tried that in the cinema you can not only watch movies. The darkness of the hall, the combination of publicity and intimacy will add a special pepper to your usual sex. The main thing is not to shout too loudly or shout, but getting in time with some particularly noisy scene on the screen.

Sex in the fitting room

sex in naturesex in nature

It’s not as comfortable as having sex in a movie or in a restaurant; our stores have not yet realized that in fitting rooms you can not only try on clothes, but also diversify shopping with sex. Therefore, they have almost no comfortable seats, no air, no space for being together. However, you can always cheat in order to try something new. The fitting involves exposure, and if you do it like Kim Basinger in the well-known film, then the partner will no longer need any foreplay, only quick sex with you will provide relaxation.

Sex in the elevator

sex photosex photo

Fortunately, there are a lot of skyscrapers in Kyiv now, the main thing is just to choose a more spacious elevator. And if you also motivate the elevator operator in such a way that he will turn you off somewhere at a height and leave you in an “emergency” state for 30 minutes, vivid emotions are provided to you.

Surely this is not the whole list of the most unusual places for sex. You can think of another plane, train or car. The main thing is that the space for ideas is not limited to the bedroom. Try something new together.

Even if the experiment fails: a passer-by catches you, a police patrol picks you up, you are thrown screaming out of a restaurant or store, all the same, these will be vivid emotions and experiences that you will remember for a long time. It is only important to treat everything as a fun experiment, and not as a drama and shame of all life.

Love each other. Have sex fun.