Family life is almost impossible to imagine without conflicts. Even if you and your husband love and appreciate each other, sooner or later situations arise that lead to quarrels. Fortunately, it is in your power to avoid some phrases that often lead to discord in the family. What words do nothing to strengthen relationships?

What phrases you can not say to your man - photoWhat phrases you can not say to your man - photo

“Be a man!”

Every woman at least once in her life said this phrase. Think about it: men are by nature males – strong, hardy, independent. Such words not only offend your soul mate, but also deprive you of any ambition. After all, a man wants to look strong and courageous in the eyes of his beloved woman, to feel her recognition and admiration. Hinting in this way to your spouse that he is not courageous enough, you discourage him from any desire to be a real protector. At best, the husband will get tired of listening to the accusations and he will generally stop responding to your requests. But it is likely that a man will want to find solace in the arms of one in whom his masculine qualities will not be in doubt.

“Here’s my ex…”

Comparing your current man with your ex is unacceptable at all stages of a relationship. It does not matter in whose favor your comparison is. Mentioning past passions will not benefit your family happiness.

“Darling, what are you thinking about right now?”

About fishing, the deadline, the second part of the cult shooter and whether it is worth eating another portion of soup. In other words, hardly what you would like to hear. Unlike women, representatives of the strong half of humanity are more prone to action than to long reflections. Such questions will cause nothing but irritation in the husband.

What phrases you can not say to your man - photoWhat phrases you can not say to your man - photo

“Don’t you think I’ve gotten better?”

Another annoying question. Firstly, in this way you yourself focus the attention of the chosen one on your shortcomings. Some men may not notice the change in hair color, let alone the +300g you found on the scale this morning. Secondly, what answer do you want to receive? Certainly not a remark that you really should go to the gym.

“Let’s not today. Something in my head hurts…”

What phrases you can not say to your man - photoWhat phrases you can not say to your man - photo

It’s one thing if you’re really tired or not feeling well. It is completely different when you deprive your spouse of your favorite pleasure intentionally in order to teach a lesson or punish. Be careful: by limiting your sex life for educational purposes, you provoke a man to look for a more accommodating one, who never hurts anything.

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