This is how we are brought up: since childhood, we have dreamed of putting on a white dress and swimming along the red carpet to the march of Mendelssohn.


How to determine that this long-awaited moment – it’s time to get married – has come? If you notice one of the traits listed below, start hinting at your loved one for a ring.

  1. Desire to nest

Every girl has a period when she wants to get her own home. Arrange the dishes the way she likes, not mom. Sew a grip. Hang new curtains. And in general – to create coziness and comfort. Cooking your favorite borscht?..


Such an attitude in marriage is very useful. We need to get married – until it’s over 🙂

  1. Happily ever after!

There are couples in which he and she have known each other for a very long time, but do not stop feeling in love with each other. If the two of you have gone through fire, water and copper pipes, and your love has only grown stronger, why not get married?


There is something magical about a wedding ceremony. A man and a woman become one in the eyes of society, which means that protective mechanisms are activated somewhere at a subtle level. The couple connects to a powerful egregor of the family, which supports it, fills it with energy and can give some kind of “buns” in the form of luck and good luck.

  1. Do you want a child

Ruddy babies began to cause tenderness? At night, do you dream about how you will read books to your big belly and listen to Mozart throughout your pregnancy?


Then it is better to think about the prospect of marriage. Thank God, in our time no one looks askance at a single mother. However, the family is still sacred. The child needs to communicate with the father, get a favorable experience, watching the family life of the parents.

  1. I want … to work abroad

It is not necessary to marry a foreigner in order to work abroad. Married couples abroad are often given more “bonuses” for employment. Often the option also works when one of the partners is invited to work in a foreign company, and this company allows its new employee to take his spouse with him: an invitation, visa, residence permit, etc. is issued.


  1. This is destiny!

There is a deep meaning in making alliances – and their assurance. So says astrology. According to her, people with whom we interact for a long time are able to correct (or worsen) our own horoscope. So if you have been together for a long time and have managed to feel that your life has only gotten better since you started dating, go to the registry office. With the conclusion of marriage, your mutual influence will only increase, and you will become a real talisman for each other, capable of changing fate!