From the first date depends on how the relationship will develop in the future and whether they will develop at all. No wonder Coco Chanel said: “You will not get a second opportunity to make a first impression.” It is important to cope with anxiety, relax and behave naturally. Do you think it’s easy to say? Here are some tricks that will increase your chances of being liked by a man on the first date.

How to win over a man on a first date?  - a photoHow to win over a man on a first date?  - a photo

Show genuine interest

Show the man that you are really interested in learning more about him. Feel free to ask about his hobbies, aspirations, dreams. No need to focus only on your person and ask questions “for show”: the interlocutor will feel that you are not completely honest with him. Subconsciously, every person needs attention, and therefore a man will be flattered if you are sincerely interested in his affairs and thoughts.

Don’t pick up the phone

First, the phone on the table is a sign of bad taste. Secondly, it is unlikely that your companion will like it if you are constantly distracted by work calls, girlfriend problems and mom’s concern. Try to look at your smartphone screen as little as possible. A date is an opportunity to spend time alone, get to know each other and just enjoy live communication.

5 ways to conquer the man of your dreams - photo5 ways to conquer the man of your dreams - photo

let him take care of you

Even if you are proud of your achievements in the gym and think that the female gender is completely unfairly called “weak”, forget about it on the first date. Demonstrate femininity, give the man the opportunity to show care and good manners. The companion will be pleased to take care of you, because on a subconscious level, this increases his importance. Let him open the door, pull up a chair, bring his coat and pour champagne. Such a trick is also useful in the long run: if you declare your independence and ardent love for feminism on your first date, don’t be surprised when in your life together you have to move the wardrobe yourself and drag heavy bags to the fifth floor.

dress properly

How to make any man fall in love with youHow to make any man fall in love with you

The image for the first date should be light and romantic. Try to keep a balance in everything. Shoes with high heels, a puffy dress or, conversely, a tiny skirt in rhinestones will give the impression that you are trying very hard to please. Moreover, if you are wearing all the best from your wardrobe today, a man may just feel uncomfortable. You should also avoid dark colors, office dress code and hair collected in a hairstyle. Give preference to “tasty” shades (peach, coffee, vanilla), flowing fabrics and light curls.

Be yourself

Follow our tricks, but don’t lose yourself. You will not be able to portray another person forever, and the satellite will certainly feel false. Be yourself, and then you will definitely find someone who will understand you and share your views.

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Author: Hairpins | Women’s magazine