Without quarrels, unfortunately, our communication with a loved one, boss, colleagues, friends is not complete. I want to resolve the conflict quickly and painlessly. Our 4 tips will help you with this!


Therefore, if you want to maintain harmony in relations with others, learn to put up after a quarrel.

Show that reconciliation … is profitable!

Instead of long discussions about who is right and who is wrong, or calling for mutual concessions, just say: “Listen, we are declaring a truce. This will help us put emotions aside and focus on what needs to be done. We can “do the war” later!” In a peaceful state, people feel more relaxed, they do not waste energy on building protective barriers, so the chances that you will calmly and soberly discuss the issue and find a solution increase. An additional plus will be the fact that you were the first to offer peace: subconsciously people are used to believing that peace is asked for by the side that agreed with their arguments.

Offer a list of “bonuses”


Let the other side in the dispute see what exactly they will get for accepting your offer. Usually works well in a conflict situation with children and relatives. Yes, it looks a little manipulative, but it is effective. Put emotions aside: negotiate specifically and to the point. If it is difficult to pacify the raging emotions, try to speak softer and slower (this calms the interlocutor). Say simply: “Life is so short, are we really going to waste it on disputes and conflicts?” A calm person is perceived as more convincing.

Mess something up (a little)

Yes Yes exactly! When the person with whom you are in a quarrel lives with you in the same apartment, you can try the so-called “stumble effect” and show your helplessness. For example, messing something up or saying you can’t fix something that doesn’t work anymore. And only He – your beloved – can save the situation. Works great with almost any man! You give him the opportunity to feel important, necessary and skillful, and at the same time mutter something like “Well, I’m right, you see for yourself!”. The mechanism is simple: by emphasizing your helplessness, you show that even if he is wrong in your dispute, he is still very important and meaningful to you.

Arrange a holiday of reconciliation


Find on the Internet funny quotes of great people about quarrels and reconciliations, victories and defeats, print them out and decorate the whole apartment with them in the absence of a partner. Let calls for peace meet him everywhere – on the mirror in the bathroom, in the pockets of jeans, on the kitchen table … We guarantee: when he sees this picture, he will laugh, and it is much easier to put up with a cheerful person! And be sure to cook something tasty for him – that’s it, you can forget about the quarrel!

Some quarrels can be avoided if you know what exactly drives men crazy. Look:

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