Let’s be honest: we all use manipulation techniques to some extent for our own purposes. A child defiantly whimpers to beg for a toy, a colleague at work pretends to be a complete “non-intelligent” so that you help him with his work … Most often, people act this way unconsciously. But sometimes manipulation is a lifestyle, and meeting such a person is very dangerous!

How to deal with male manipulationHow to deal with male manipulation

Meeting a professional manipulator at work is not a joy. But it is much more terrible to let a manipulator into your heart! A professional manipulator not only always puts his own goals above all else, but also considers it completely natural to use everything and everyone to achieve them. In other words, a man-manipulator never considers a woman as an equal partner in a relationship; he achieves his goal.

A “worked out” woman, who has lost heart and lost her energy, is of no value to the manipulator – and he abandons her indifferently.

How is such professionally manipulative behavior born? As a rule, it comes from childhood: the child understands that by performing a certain action, he achieved what he wanted. Then he begins to repeat his tricks, develops them and becomes more skillful.

How to understand that you are being manipulated?

The main sign that you are being manipulated is that you begin to feel uncomfortable and awkward in doing what is required, because the request is contrary to your desires.

What are the types of male manipulators?

1. “Destroyer”

Manipulators get their way by force and cunningManipulators get their way by force and cunning

The task of the “destroyer” is to completely subjugate you to himself, having received a weak-willed servant who is madly afraid of “dismissal”. For this purpose, the idea is instilled in you that you are nothing, nobody needs you and you are not good for anything. Then, naturally, you will feel obliged to him and will not even think about breaking up. Whatever your loved one does…

Favorite phrase of the “destroyer”: “Yes, what would you do without me at all!”

How does he get what he wants? Such people often use their authority or the authority of respected people. Your loved one may drop casually that your friends made fun of you behind your back, and colleagues consider you a weak specialist who is about to be fired. Be vigilant and check the information: manipulators usually lie without a twinge of conscience, and your friends or colleagues did not say anything at all.


Guilt is the manipulator's favorite trick.Guilt is the manipulator's favorite trick.

The task of the “victim” is to provide himself with home comfort, regular meals and maximum care from the woman he loves. Therefore, all sorts of tricks are used to make him feel that he simply cannot live without the woman he loves.

Favorite “victim” phrase: “If you leave me, I will kill myself!”

How does the “victim” get what he wants? With the help of guilt carefully cultivated in you. Such people play on your desire to be a decent person and act according to your conscience. It works especially well if the “victim” made a couple of pseudo-suicidal attempts (or his friends told you about it).

Such people are very fond of putting the victim in an uncomfortable position, causing a feeling of guilt. They play on your desire to be right and act according to your conscience. The phrases are often used: “If you loved me … A loving person would never do this …” and the like. You understand that you are to blame, and act according to his plan.

3. “Unrecognized genius”

The task of the “unrecognized genius” is to provide himself with home comfort, regular meals, maximum care and enthusiastic worship of his beloved woman. This is a kind of “sacrifice”, but an additional option is the requirement of incessant praise for everything that he deigns to do or say.

Favorite phrase of a “genius”: “I can only create when you are around. Close by, I said!

How does an “unrecognized genius” get what he wants? Guilt is reinforced by the realization that you are involved in the creation of a masterpiece. He will certainly become famous (and you along with him, of course)! Someday. May be.

The “unrecognized genius” is trying in every possible way to affirm you in its significance. And the fact that no one except you recognizes him plays into his hands: you feel unique, special, the one who is able to understand this outstanding person. Being a muse is so seductive! Your vigilance falls asleep, and you, feeling your importance and indispensability, do what the “genius” needs.

4. “Improver”

Taunting is a favorite technique of manipulatorsTaunting is a favorite technique of manipulators

The task of the “improver” is to increase their self-esteem at your expense (who else?). He does not skimp on approving gestures, praise, presents and surprises, but … They are always with a catch!

Enhancer’s favorite phrase: “Honey, you look great! If only your breasts were a little bigger. Well, only 2-3 sizes.

And as a gift – a lovely set of underwear, in which your breasts are lost, like in a parachute … Hearing this, you feel terrible, right? But he loves you so noble, such an ugly thing … A man wants to lower a woman’s self-esteem and thereby raise her own. Perhaps he has any complexes or psychological trauma, perhaps someone has caused him severe pain, and now he is trying to “recoup” on his woman. It may also be that he was vulnerable in a former relationship and cannot control the situation, and now he wanted to be “at the helm”, and he acts in all possible ways and methods.

How to resist the manipulator?

It is difficult to resist the manipulator, but it is possibleIt is difficult to resist the manipulator, but it is possible

Listen to intuition. If you feel emotional discomfort after communicating with this person, it means that you are being forced to do something that you do not want. This means that manipulation is obvious – and it is necessary to curtail relations.

Find out your weak points. Each of us has them. The trouble is that manipulators usually quickly figure them out and hit them exactly. If, for example, the topic of weight is painful for you, then pay attention to all phrases related to this topic. It is on women’s weaknesses that male manipulators play.

Learn to say “NO”. And in no case do not apologize for the refusal – you have the right to refuse. There are things you don’t want to do. And don’t ever feel guilty about it!

Mirror. If you hear the phrase “You don’t love me, that’s why you did it,” try to answer “Do you think I don’t love you?” and see the reaction. Try to bring the logical chain to the end. Then you can outplay the manipulator, and he will give up.

Take a time out. Most often, manipulation is designed to act here and now. If you ask for time to think, the manipulator is likely to back off: he will understand that, on mature reflection, you will see through his tactics.

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