Every girl dreams of a wedding. Before deciding to take such a responsible step, you should get to know your chosen one better. We have prepared 13 sore topics, know that guys are very afraid to hear these questions from us.

Couple - photoCouple - photo

1. Why do you love me?

Be prepared for the fact that your young man will be confused and will not be able to correctly formulate the answer.

Remember that men do not like such questions, and their logic is fundamentally different from ours. Most likely, he will answer that he loves you simply for what you are. Therefore, do not expect that he will remember your “memorable” walk in the coniferous forest three years ago.

2. Why do you want to be with me all your life?

This question is incorrect, because you know that a man loves you, why bother him? It would be wiser to ask how he sees your future, from which you can draw a conclusion about the seriousness of his intentions.


3. Will you be romantic?

Another stupid question that guys don’t like. If you lack romance, say it directly, without evasions.

4. Will we get through hard times together?

Do you think your man predicts the future? Not at all. You yourself cannot be 100% sure of your feelings for your lover over time. In life, everything can change and, perhaps, you yourself will decide to leave him.

5. Will you give in to me?

Will you give in to your man? Relationships are built on mutual compromises, not on a one-sided game. Give a guy the right example, and he will certainly follow it.


6. Will you put me above everything?

This question scares men. Every guy is afraid of losing the illusion of freedom, do not put pressure on him, and he will be grateful to you for it. In addition, do not deprive yourself of your interests and communication with other people. Just learn to prioritize correctly.

7. What kind of father will you be?

Again for the old? Do not touch the future and do not put a man in an unpleasant position. If he does not have children, he will not be able to correctly answer this question.

8. Will you regularly say that you love me?

If a person loves you, he will say it sincerely and from the heart without your questions. If a guy avoids this phrase, maybe you should think about it.


9. Will you support me?

Do not scare a man with excessive responsibility. If certain difficulties arise in your life, a loved one will come to the rescue.

10. Will you try to make all our dreams come true?

Of course, he will be, because your man loves you, which means that you are the most important motivation in life for him. Feel free to talk about future plans and your wishes. The guy should understand what you are counting on and what you expect.

11. You won’t leave?

If you ask such questions, then be sure that he will do just that.


12. If I get sick, will you be with me until the end?

Do not escalate the situation with such questions, set yourself up for a positive wave.

13. Will you love me if I leave you?

Why this selfishness? If you leave your man, he does not owe you anything and certainly does not have to suffer for you until his death.


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