One of the most popular foreign publications published advice to women that was relevant even before the start of World War II – in 1938. These tips are dedicated to women who want to pick up a man! Almost 100 years have passed since its publication, but some tips still work today, and some are pretty outdated. Let’s find out how women tried to please men in those days!?

Without likes and emojis, how did our grandmothers fall in love with men?Without likes and emojis, how did our grandmothers fall in love with men?

Today it is somehow difficult to imagine how relations between a man and a woman were born at that time, and how it all began, when there was no round-the-clock communication, viber, instagram … Where can you remind your lover of yourself with just a โ€œlikeโ€, and you can flirt you can also at a distance.

How to behave with a man? Soviets 1938

How did our grandmothers behave in the presence of a man at that time? How did you try to fall in love with yourself and in what way? The answer is in our material!

1. You need to dress only in your boudoir, but not in the presence of a man. You must be ready by the time you have agreed.

Not like now, when he asked if you put on makeup, because he is already driving up to take you to a restaurant. And you’re just going to wash your hair. =/

How to behave with a man?  Soviets 1938How to behave with a man?  Soviets 1938

2. Men are repulsed by women who borrow handkerchiefs and leave lipstick stains on them. In addition, it is not customary to apply cosmetics in front of a man.

Nowadays, a man can even tell you which shade of highlighter is better: pale pink or closer to golden!?

man Woman man Woman

3. You can not be sentimental and try to play on male emotions. Men hate tears, especially in public places.

Sometimes, of course, we manage to pretend that we are upset, and manipulate it ๐Ÿ™‚

love love

4. No need to attract the attention of other men, even if you accidentally overdo it with alcohol. Otherwise, the first date may be the last.

Well, if a girl is passionate about this man, she will not need someone else.

first date rules first date rules

5. Do not talk to a man during the dance. If he invited you, then he wants to dance, not talk.

Alas, this rule is no longer relevant. If, in addition to everything, both drank, then consider that the dance is just a nice bonus to enthusiastic communication ๐Ÿ™‚

advice since 1938advice since 1938

6. Never sit in a cheeky pose, as if spreading on the sofa, and do not look at the interlocutor with an extinct look, even if you are really bored. Sit as if you are ready to get up at any moment, close your mouth, listen to the man in silence.

These wisest advices were written by Muslims?

grandmother's advice grandmother's advice

7. The rear view mirror in a car is not meant to fix your makeup. It is necessary to provide the driver with an overview of the road.

Some ladies could forget this rule, but nevertheless, it still works today.

advice from our grandmothers how to please a guyadvice from our grandmothers how to please a guy

8. Do not be nice to the waiter when placing an order. A man deserves that your attention belongs only to him.

Unless they quarreled, and the girl is trying to annoy her lover a little ๐Ÿ™‚

how to make a guy fall in love with you how to make a guy fall in love with you

9. If you have a large bust, put on a bra. And don’t pull your corset too tight.

Some ladies now and then always bring out their dignity in order to impress a man.

how to please a man how to please a man

10. Don’t behave familiarly in public. Do not make a show out of your relationship – this is a sign of bad taste. Do not confuse a man and never insult him in public.

For some reason, Dom-2 just came to mind.

man woman relationshipman woman relationship

11. No need to talk to a man about clothes and try to describe your new dress to him. You need to discuss what he is ready to discuss.

Okay, then let’s talk about the crankshaft damper pulley and the injectors.

love advice from our grandmotherslove advice from our grandmothers

12. Some girls get smarter from alcohol, but it’s better to keep quiet.

It’s 100% right here. The main thing is not to call the former.

how to like a guy how to like a guy

13. You canโ€™t drink too much, otherwise a man may think that you spend all your evenings cuddling with booze.

Maybe she’s just really bored with him … ๐Ÿ™‚