Where does the non-sexual man come from? I like to watch people and for a long time I wondered why the male age category of 35-60+ years is so “sagging” in our country. Pretty and well-groomed girls and women can be found everywhere and of any age, but with men – a disaster. There are cute and stylish guys under 30, there are a lot of them, then where they disappear and a sucker appears.

Pot-bellied, shaggy, unshaven, dressed in whatever. And even if you understand – in Briony’s suit, and even trimmed – it still looks like a sucker. Only in Briony’s costume.

Do not rush to throw slippers at me! So honestly: after walking through the male faces and figures in our Parliament, did you want someone there? Heart pounding, pleasant shiver on the skin? I am only horrified that having so many means to look good, one must still be able to look bad. And completely asexual.

Another thing is Europe

As I do not like to compare, but I can not resist. Because so many stylish and interesting men of any age walk the streets of Budapest, London, Rome that you often don’t have time to look at the sights. You walk and think: “Oh, but with this I would have carried away even now on his scooter”, “Oh, what a man”, “Wow”, “Ah”, “I want”.

So where does the domestic product go? What happens in a man’s life after 30 years that a handsome guy suddenly becomes a shapeless and indistinct sucker?

It turns out that marriage happens in a man’s life

Now I see one couple in which a handsome athletic guy married a mediocre-looking girl. It would seem that love is a “magic country” in which an old deck can bloom.

But no, when I saw this couple after about a year of living together, I found that the guy had become ugly. A ridiculous haircut with idiotic bangs, a weird Christmas reindeer sweater that grandma can either knit or buy for a themed party. The skin – and that one, was covered with some kind of teenage rash.

“Lida cuts my hair herself, she knows how”, “Lida gave me this sweater”, “Lida watches our food”. Guess who Linda is? This is the wife. Which was nearby and looked all the same mediocre. Only now there was no such striking contrast between her and her husband.

And I thought that in another two years, a belly would come to the place of a sports figure. So Lida will finally become calm that no one will take away her unsympathetic and already unsexy man. And the fact that she herself hardly wants it … So between the fear of losing and the fear of having, but not using it or using it without pleasure, the first one is still worse.

Here one can object: what about the man himself – what, he doesn’t see, he doesn’t have a mirror, why did he give up? And I will say that a man initially treats household things easier! The wife said that she knows how to cut – so it seems and convenient. She gave me a sweater, but I don’t like it – I’ll wear it at least once anyway, so as not to offend. And if such a “Lida” also cries: “Why don’t you wear my wonderful gift, I tried so hard, you don’t love me” – she will wear it more often so that everything is quiet at home. And when you love a person, you don’t want to offend him with such trifles as “I don’t like a sweater.”

And there you don’t even have time to look back, as a sucker is looking at you from the mirror. And you already forgot what you used to be. You look around – and there are a lot of suckers like you, because “Lead” is simply cloned with us.

The queen needs a king

Everyone likes a spectacular, sexy man. And to be with him, you need to be confident in yourself, that you are not garbage and that your man is not either. You both value yourself and your relationship. But the value of a relationship is not to preemptively rule out infidelity by making the other “scary” or becoming asexual together. The value is that you understand that both of you can end the relationship at any time. But since both of you, having so many freedoms and so many choices, remain together, this is valuable. The other person chooses you no matter what. It means he likes everything about you. And he does not choose you, because no one else chooses him. Or he does not go anywhere, because he is so swollen with fat and cobwebs that he is too lazy to move.

As an example of a decent female self-esteem, I really like Amal Clooney. Even before her marriage to George, she was a bright, confident and status woman. Not a beauty and not a star, but a woman who knows her own worth. And with this price, she was quite comfortable marrying Clooney, not thinking that he was the object of desire of millions and that many recognized Hollywood beauties tried to get him. And now she doesn’t need to suck on him. Because the queen needs a king, not a swineherd.

And do any of you doubt that even if George Clooney leaves, Amal will not cry for a long time and be alone for a long time? She will marry 15 more times, and the men will be prettier than George. Because that’s how she appreciates herself.

What to do with all this

Therefore, I seriously suggest that girls start appreciating themselves. And if this still doesn’t work, work on your self-esteem in the office of a psychologist. And not to sculpt a schmuck from a man next to him, and then to smack him for the fact that he is a schmuck and you yourself are ashamed and uncomfortable next to him. You made him this way, baby. Because at first it was scary to lose, and now you don’t need him either. You don’t even want it.

In general, couples in which either both become ugly, or one blooms, and the second abruptly loses ground – this is about compensatory, not about creation. About the fact that one “plugs” his hole inside at the expense of the other. And drastic negative changes in appearance, health or lifestyle after creating a couple is a good reason to ask yourself the question: “What is wrong with our relationship, why did I get worse?”

For guys, I suggest crushing Christmas deer right in the bud. The only one who could put a deer costume on you was your mother, and it was in kindergarten. Do not let a woman become a mother and control your appearance.

Because a man with Ivasik Telesik’s bangs and Rudolph’s reindeer antlers on his wide athletic chest looks like a sucker. Well, or a person with a mental retardation. Do you need it?