The world of gloss is designed for women. From its pages, we are regularly informed about how to be in trend – fashionable makeup, new manicure trends, lilac color in clothes – again the hit of the season, midi length, heel or wedge, or maybe even a smooth move, a new peeling from Company H, no carbohydrate diet – you all already know.

non-sexual guynon-sexual guy

Of course, we don’t follow all the advice.

I don’t like heels, so I continue to wear my comfortable shoes with low heels, even if the season dictates a transparent heel of at least 9 cm.

Yes, and each of you knows very well your personal characteristics and capabilities in order to choose what to listen to and what to ignore.

But no matter how old we are – 20, 35 or 58 – we always keep our finger on the pulse of new discoveries in the beauty industry. My friend Margarita, a respectable lady on the threshold of her 88th birthday, recently asked me about what shade of lipstick is relevant today. And yes, it is in lipstick and with a slightly toned face that she meets me every time on the threshold of her house.

Women want to be liked. To whom? Doesn’t matter. For yourself, a friend or a man.

The main thing is that in the general mass, the female sex is pleasantly pleasing to the eye. Not without exceptions, of course, but every time I walk down the street my eyes catch not one, not three or five, but many more well-groomed and pretty women.

But what about men? I also consider them. But every time you see it, it’s depressing!

man 45man 45

“Men don’t dance,” you say. I mean, an ordinary man, unless he is metrosexual, does not pay much attention to his appearance. A real man does not stand in front of a mirror. He has other concerns. We, women, value reliability, intelligence, the ability to earn money and many other qualities in men. Well, outwardly already how it will turn out.

And it is true. But reliability and intelligence would be nice to have complete with a regular shower. Perfume or a light trail after shave doesn’t hurt anyone either.

perfect manperfect man

Clothing. It is not so important, but when a man comes to see you in a stretched sweater of a geologist “hello 60s” or in a suit from the Rotfront factory, which has long died – a factory, but the suit is still alive – to me personally want shamefully, but quickly retire from the scene.

Because a man is also important to want. But most of our men seem to be programmed for the “anti-sex” mode.

Guys 20-25 years old are still very sexy. And then they seem to fall into some kind of abyss and come out of it as absolutely asexual guys.

erotic menerotic men

It does not matter how old the uncle is – 35 or 45 – when a man loses sex appeal, age ceases to differ.

Beer bellies. Men, have you ever thought about what it’s like for a woman, overcoming the volume of this place, to make her way to your penis? Or lie down and think during sex, will you have a heart attack or stroke?

Untrimmed, dirty nails. Same uncut beards. More precisely, bushes of hair growing wildly in the chin area. Overgrown haircut line. Dandruff. Bad teeth. Dull wardrobe.

Good, cool, interesting. Reliable. Kind. Generous. But it looks like you don’t want to deal with all this anymore. Because you don’t want him.

best man onlinebest man online

Recently, I was arguing with my friends. They proved to me that there would be a good man, and there you can change his clothes, cut his hair, work on his style, write him down to the dentist.

And if I were 30 years old, I would gladly agree with them. But at 42, I don’t feel the excitement of Professor Higgins. It’s enough for me to take care of myself. And I have the right to want this from a man!

Of course it’s hard for men. The men’s magazine XXL features cars, football news and women of varying degrees of nudity. Where can you find out about fashion trends? And in society there is an unspoken ban on male sexuality. It exists only in two extreme poles – brutal or gay. How to be the first is not very clear, but being the second is shameful. Here the man also chooses – in any way.

Or maybe also because we, women, inspire them that sexuality is not the main thing, the main thing is intelligence and reliability. Because if I myself want my man, maybe someone else will want him. Therefore, it is better to grow a beer belly. I will not rise, but no one will rise either.

photo of men yearsphoto of men years

I don’t know what are the reasons for such a disregard for men towards themselves, but I’m offended. Especially when you compare native men with foreign ones.

My first foreign boyfriend shocked me by asking for hand cream.

Then I thought that the use of creams for different parts of the body is a purely female privilege.

However, later I appreciated how nice it is to be around a man who is stylishly dressed, smells good, and his hands are softer and cleaner than sandpaper.

sexy mensexy men

Men. A pink shirt or a well-groomed beard does not make you gay at all!

And regular visits to the dentist are something that is somehow even embarrassing to mention. However, as well as about the shower along with aftershave lotion.

We will continue to appreciate you for your reliability, intelligence, self-confidence and kind attitude towards us. But there is more to life than sex. Don’t kill your sexuality.