I don’t know what the contribution of the Macron couple to French and world politics will be, but their merit to society is already indisputable – they legalized the right to unequal unions, where it is the woman who is older.

Why do men prefer older women?Why do men prefer older women?

Of course, Brigitte Macron is not the first woman older than her husband. One of Edith Piaf’s husbands was a 27-year-old hairdresser, 20 years younger than the diva. Guy Ricci is younger than Madonna by a whole generation – 10 years. And the age of her subsequent chosen ones is less and less. Liz Taylor in her last marriage was married to a simple worker, 20 years younger than her.

But these are stars, famous women of show business – they seem to us, mere mortals, inaccessible and untouchable – what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. Yes, and they entered into age-related misalliances already being rich and famous, which means that the nasty odor of “alphonse” accompanied their young husbands. What really happened between them – love or “peak” interest – is not so important to society.

Brigitte Macron is an ordinary teacher at school, and their romance and marriage with Emmanuel Macron happened long before the presidency, thus eliminating any hint of commercialism.

And, most importantly, Emmanuel Macron is a very handsome man, but Brigitte’s appearance is ordinary, even mediocre, but they live long and, apparently, happily – in spite of envious people and ill-wishers. And allow other women to openly declare: “we prefer younger men,” and allow younger men to get rid of the shame and embarrassment that they like older women.

So why do gentlemen prefer mature women?

Surprisingly, I discovered this interest in myself when I was approaching my 40s. Men of 28, 32 and 35 years old began to get acquainted with me.

I seem to be a person open to new experience, but I lived with the idea that a man should be either the same age or older. What to do with these youths: they are not serious, they are probably only interested in sex.

Unequal marriagesUnequal marriages

But the trouble is, my peers often looked much older. And those who are 7-10 years older looked like my father.

I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon, but looking at the faces and figures of average free Ukrainian men in social networks and dating sites, I want to cry.

A free Ukrainian man 40+ is harsh and his hobbies, as a rule, are harsh: hunting, fishing, mushrooms. He, in camouflage or flip flops, shows you the fruits or gifts that he will bring to your wigwam.

And also yourself, your belly, fat deposits in the chest area, just boobs, a neglected haircut, gaps in the teeth on the smile line … But what kind of smile?

The stern man in the photo smokes sternly. You will discover the absence of teeth when you meet. As well as the fact that it will pass in tobacco smoke. A lonely, stern man nervously smokes one cigarette after another. Apparently, lighting up his longing for a warm female breast. Perhaps mine. But there is so much smoke and unkemptness that you want to run. What are you doing.

In contrast to the hunters, there are such homebodies. And like even intellectuals. And almost athletes. At least the figures are taut. But they sit against the backdrop of interiors “my great-grandmother died yesterday and left me this apartment” or “I rented my room to 25 Chinese students.” When you meet, you will find all the same gaps in your teeth and a neglected haircut, as well as a crazy ambition – “I have an apartment, I am an enviable groom.”


I understand that somewhere deep, behind this mask, there is a normal, good man, of good age 40+.

But he hides in such a mountain of garbage that he can compete with the Indian slums. And you don’t want to dig, get, wash, clean, shave, cut, change clothes, make repairs, put implants. Because you are not beautiful and not so young, but you are well-groomed.

And you don’t understand: if you do all the necessary procedures to look nice and decent, then why can’t he? There is no incentive, in the form of a beloved woman?

But why then the average free Italian or Frenchman 40+ will be washed, shaved, cut, with a pleasant train of perfume or after shave, and the belly, which is also – why not – is packed into a beautiful peach-colored shirt. And most importantly, this shirt will sit true to size. And trousers – on growth. What stimulates them?

well-groomed manwell-groomed man

It turns out that the neglected appearance and miserable life of male peers discourages communication with them. Whether it’s guys aged 30+. They follow fashion, regularly visit the shower and the gym. Versatile enough to combine fishing and reading Kafka or bike rides with classical music concerts.

What attracts them to us, women under and over 40? Is it just light sex?

No, according to my young friends, they are attracted to what is interesting with us. We know how to talk. And about Kafka, and about fishing, and about classical music, and about the films of the Coen brothers. We can ride a bike and not faint that it will mess up your hair. We can cook a delicious dinner and we won’t cry that we broke a nail. We are not preoccupied with marriage, we value our freedom, but we are not obsessed with loneliness. We can support, suggest, throw an idea or give practical advice. And most importantly, we have learned to value ourselves, which means we can also value the people who are with us. Men 30+ appreciate all this because they do not find it in their peers.

interesting womeninteresting women

Maybe when men 40+ master the basic rules of hygiene, and girls 25-30 years old understand that a career, a manicure, an offer in Paris near the Eiffel Tower and the number of dates after which they should have sex are not the only things that determine the meaning of life and relationships, then the imbalance of age will be balanced.

For now. I prefer younger men. And you?