Time management

To become a sought-after professional, of course, you need to undergo training. So far, no educational institutions train personnel specifically for this specialty. But the basic skills that will be needed in further work can be obtained at various universities in the country, having completed training in the following profiles:

  • publishing;
  • advertising;
  • management.

To enter the faculty of publishing and advertising business, you will need to pass exams:

  • Russian language;
  • social science;
  • history or foreign language.

When choosing a specialty manager:

  • Russian language;
  • maths;
  • foreign language;
  • social science.

In order to work well and successfully, you will have to study on your own, take online courses, attend seminars. At the moment, there are courses from various training centers that can be completed within about 2 months.

Preparation takes place in real time, and learning should not be interrupted so as not to miss new trends and other nuances. After training, a certificate is awarded, and you can start working.

What does he do?

A traffic manager has many responsibilities, but the most important of them is to always know and control everything. Also important is the speed of response to problematic aspects in the promotion of advertising or absenteeism on time for the next advertising product. The task of the manager is to quickly find out the cause and eliminate problematic issues.

The day-to-day functional duties of a manager, for which he is responsible or supervised, are as follows:

  • coordinate the work of contractors (website developers, illustrators, copywriters and other employees) and their company, to ensure that information between these links circulates continuously and in an undistorted form;
  • properly distribute working time in your officehighlight priority areas, and also, depending on the urgency of the task, plan and distribute work;
  • if necessary schedule and hold company meetings with contractorsremember all scheduled events;
  • personally represent demo videos about products to the customer and make sure that they get on the Web in accordance with the plan for public promotion;
  • manage office paperwork in their area of ​​responsibility.

It often happens that an office runs several advertising campaigns at the same time. For each of them, the manager must prepare a work calendar and, if necessary, correct it. His responsibilities include maintaining communication between partner organizations, submitting mock-ups of promotional products on time and checking their compliance with the project. If it suddenly happened that the advertisement did not hit the Web or on the pages of printed publications, notify your management.

As seen, The list of duties of a traffic manager is quite extensive. But if he copes with them, then this allows you to reduce the advertising budget and make advertising more fruitful. Ultimately, the effective performance of functions by a specialist allows you to increase the number of site visitors and increase sales. That is why good traffic managers are so in demand.

Skills and abilities

To become a successful professional in this line of business, you need to constantly learn and follow new trends in advertising. But besides this, employers have a number of requirements for specialists in this area:

  • analytic mind – be able to constantly analyze the directions of advertising flows in order to know and understand how Internet traffic is moving and what makes money at the moment;
  • understand peopletargeted by advertising, be able to correctly respond to people’s requests and effectively respond to their aspirations through an advertising product;
  • be able to calculate risks and take responsibilitybecause no one can say which ad will be the most productive;
  • have the skills to bypass advertising bans some products, know the rules for placing advertisements;
  • have the ability to skillfully and creatively compose advertising texts;
  • also desirable to have Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and work experience.

This is how the profile of a traffic manager looks like, which cannot be better – it is perfect. But since this specialty has appeared recently, it is quite difficult to find a specialist who meets all the above requirements and is looking for a job.

Therefore, first you need to decide on a niche where the company will direct its efforts, and only after that choose an employee based on the tasks assigned.

Who is eligible for the position?

This profession should be chosen by people who want and can work remotely, who have nerves of steel, a cool head and leadership qualities of character. More than 60% of companies are trying to hire employees for remote work. Basically, these are small companies that do not want to pay for premises, equipment, office equipment, stationery, and so on. Work in this specialty does not require employees to constantly stay in the office. The main thing is to always be in touch with your employer. A quick response to a customer’s call characterizes a freelance specialist in the best possible way.

Also, this profession attracts people who want to make decent money. After all, there are no salary restrictions. It all depends on how well and in what time the order will be completed. Of course, payment depends on experience and on the region where the order is received. The minimum salary for a novice specialist is from 150 $ per resource. And then everything is in your hands! Experience and skills will be accumulated – income will increase. A good professional already receives from 300 $ per site.


There are excellent career prospects in this area. Having gained experience, you can declare yourself and move from a small agency to a larger one. There is an opportunity to take the place of an advertising director or become a lead project manager. After working for various companies, having studied the market, getting a hand in the development and promotion of sites, having acquired the necessary connections, it is possible to organize your own business.

Summing up, we can say that this profession has a great future, as the main business goes online or combines both directions (online and offline).

Becoming a good specialist is not at all easy – for this you need to study and work hard.