Who is that?

In simple words about this relatively new profession, a copywriter is a person who writes texts. He can work in any organization, but in most cases he works remotely, at home. Texts can be the most diverse, the subject is not limited by anything, therefore there are several varieties of copywriters. Usually this is a person who performs work to order, and his text must meet all the requirements that the customer makes. All this is specified in advance, so it becomes extremely clear what the text should be like in terms of uniqueness, spamming and other parameters.

Often, key phrases must be entered into the text in a certain sequence, the volume of the text and payment for it are agreed in advance. Each customer may have their own additional requirements.


The copywriter himself is looking for a job – it can be a specific site, a regular customer or exchanges. Mandatory and one of the main conditions for a copywriter is high literacy. Without this, it does not even make sense to take on the text, even the simplest one.

Pros and cons

Before deciding whether to take root in this profession and master its basics, you need to figure out what its pros and cons are. Let’s look at the positives first.

    • The demand for this type of activity is at a high level, and it will only increase, since all information life today unfolds precisely on the Internet.


    • There is always the opportunity to learn this profession on your own, having studied the basic principles of work. And even if things are not good enough with the Russian language, there are no obstacles in order to remember the rules or learn them. It all depends on the perseverance of the person himself and the desire to work.


    • A very important nuance for many is the opportunity to work at home, which means that you can plan your day at your own discretion and take only as many tasks as there is enough time and effort for.


    • With a certain experience and speed of work, there is a chance to earn a good fee. It all depends on the person himself, how much time he is willing to devote to work.


    • Working with different topics, there is also a chance to expand your horizons and learn some new and important things for yourself. After all, a copywriter often writes quite complex and diverse texts. It all depends on the level of his training. So there is always room for improvement.


    • You can do this job at any age. If there is a desire to work, and the level of literacy allows, there are no special obstacles to work.


There were no downsides either.

    • It should be borne in mind that at first you won’t be able to earn a lot, you need practice, skills, a certain rating when it comes to exchanges.


    • To get a more or less normal amount, you need to work hard and devote enough time to it.


    • This income cannot be called stable. Today there may be a lot of work, and tomorrow there may not be at all.


You need to take this into account if you plan to make this activity your main income.


    • It does not always happen that the customer is satisfied with the text. And there’s nothing you can do about it. The dispute will not bring results.


    • Of course, there are no paid holidays and other social guarantees. There are people for whom this is important.



Copywriting today implies a very extensive activity, and therefore there are varieties. And yes, the possibilities are endless. Someone can become just a chic author of creative texts, and someone, by virtue of their abilities and experience, will be indispensable when writing technical articles.


This concept implies, in principle, any work of a person that he does at home. He can write texts, edit, blog, work on various sites. The bottom line is that he does it when it suits him or by agreement with the one for whom this work is being done. The person himself decides how to organize his work process, and plans time in a way that is convenient for him.

SEO copywriter

In this work, it is not enough just to write a quality text.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is search engine optimization. Thus, an SEO copywriter is the specialist who writes the text that promotes the site. To do this, the text must contain keywords and phrases, thanks to which, through search engines, any person with a particular request will get to this site. But at the same time, the text must comply with other parameters. Naturally, it must be well-written, interesting, easy to read, its uniqueness must be high. The percentage of uniqueness is set by the customer.

So the task of an SEO specialist is not just to give out the text, but also to attract an audience, to work on popularizing the site.



In this case, a person takes ready-made material as a basis, usually several different sources, and on their basis creates a completely new text with high uniqueness (from 90 to 100%, depending on the requirements of the employer and subject matter). There are, for example, texts of a technical nature, when it is extremely difficult to achieve one hundred percent uniqueness. In all other cases, this problem is quite solvable. At the same time, one should not forget that all the basic requirements remain: the text should be easy to read and provide information on the case. After reading such a text, the reader should receive answers to all questions that interest him on this topic.

It should be borne in mind that this is not the option when you can take, for example, a sentence, replace several words in it with synonyms and consider the work done on this. The material must be written entirely in your own words. In fact, this is a completely new text, but with the preservation of the main idea.

SMM copywriter

It already requires a certain talent, the ability to write light texts, often extremely short, but inciting to action. Most often, this is a specialist who creates short posts that should attract the reader and encourage them to buy a particular product, use a service, or use certain resources. This already requires a creative approach. You need to come up with an original title and from the very first words attract attention so that there is a desire to read the text further and then follow the link to be sure to see what is behind this post. That is, this is the person who promotes a product, company, service, which means that he will always have to look for new approaches and try different options, while still monitoring the reaction of consumers and readers.

media copywriter

In this case, writing texts for the media is required. Topics can be very diverse, but always those that will interest the reader. The main thing here is information content, no water and meaningless bricks. Again, an interesting headline that immediately grabs attention is important. The first lines should immediately interest the reader so that he reads the article to the end. Here, one cannot do without the skills of a journalist and an understanding of the main genres.

It’s not worth talking about literacy – it should be at the highest level. You need to be able to find interesting topics and be constantly aware of what is happening where in order to make interesting material on time.



This is a specialist with some experience, ideally with a journalistic education. He must not only have competent oral and written speech, this is definitely not enough. The ability to work with text, find interesting topics, the ability to present them in an original way, be able to edit someone else’s text with high quality, explain all errors and requirements – this is just a short list of what he should be able to do. In many cases, if he works in the media, he must generally develop the concept of the publication, give tasks to other project participants and supervise their implementation.

LSI copywriting

LSI copywriting is similar in some ways to SEO copywriting. The principle of operation is the same. But only in this case, the specialist needs to work on creating not key phrases, but additional ones. The person who makes up the TOR should choose such words and phrases that will increase the chances of the material getting into the top search results. These are additional words with which people look for this or that information in a search engine.


The field of copywriting is constantly evolving, and it is not at all excluded that tomorrow new branches of this activity will appear. Today, there are several more types of work that can be distinguished into separate areas.

    • Advertising copywritingwhere a person works for a certain company or several companies, writes promotional articles – they can be both small and extensive, where, for example, the advantage of a particular product or service is described in great detail.


    • Posting copywriting is to comment on entries on various sites, forums, blogs. Comments are written subject to certain requirements put forward by the customer. The ultimate goal is to attract customers to a particular product, service or discussion of a topic. It is a mistake to think that this is too easy a task. Such an employee is required to be resourceful and able to state the essence in a few sentences and encourage a person, for example, to follow a link to learn more about a particular direction.


    • Copywriter-translator. Here it is required not only to write an interesting text, but first to translate it.


It is clear that in addition to knowledge of the Russian language, knowledge of other languages ​​will also be required. Such specialists are increasingly in demand on the Internet.



In the previous paragraphs, it was described in sufficient detail about what a copywriter does and what functions are assigned to him, depending on the niche in which he found himself. In general, the job description, common to all types of activities, may look like this:

    • the specialist must perform all tasks strictly in accordance with the requirements that the customer or employer needs;


    • if necessary, modify and improve the submitted materials, if necessary;


    • complete all tasks within strictly scheduled deadlines, if they are agreed in advance;


    • in case of force majeure circumstances, it is imperative to notify the employer in advance that the work will not be handed over on time;


    • the quality of the work should be at a high level, this applies to literacy, the content of the material and other parameters, depending on the direction of the text;


    • if the work is only partially remote, and from time to time it is meant to gather the entire team to set tasks or solve some issues, you must definitely participate in all meetings and events organized by the company.


Knowledge and skills

To fulfill the key tasks that the company sets for its employee, a copywriter must be able to:

    • navigate the Internet, find the necessary sources to create your own material, it often happens that there are no sources, and you will have to look for all the material yourself;


    • know about the main interests and needs of the audience for which he creates texts, so it will be easier to write good material;


    • he must have a sufficiently broad outlook to understand many areas and understand what he is writing about, and not senselessly rework someone else’s article;


    • he must be able to correctly build the text, see the main and secondary;


    • the level of literacy assumes a high level so that you can safely send your text to any customer, and this did not require the services of a proofreader or editor;


    • the desire to learn everything new and find useful articles and lessons will be very useful in order to improve your professional level.


Personal qualities

For independent work at home, the priority is such qualities as responsibility, diligence, the ability to organize your work process competently, the willingness to bring your work to perfection, the desire to constantly develop and be ready for independent learning.

Working in a team, you need to have communication skills, the ability to find a common language with people, to defend your ideas with reason. This requires constant development and the search for extraordinary solutions that will help the company develop and make a profit.

A person who decides to seriously engage in this type of activity must be able to set tasks for himself and solve them, be self-organized.


The desire to expand one’s horizons is always welcome, and this applies to a wide variety of areas.


It is quite possible to learn this profession on your own, but an excellent knowledge of the Russian language, literature, and a considerable number of books read will be a good help. The more you read, the easier it is to imagine what a literate text might look like.

If you have an education in the field of journalism behind you, it will be much easier to work as a copywriter than for a beginner. Of course, the specialty has its own nuances. But it is enough to devote one or a couple of evenings to this to figure out what and how, and start working.

It is not immediately possible to learn how to write selling texts, but it is also possible. Currently, there are no special educational institutions or even faculties where copywriters would be trained. But there are many online courses, both paid and free. You can also find articles that outline the basics, and then the training will consist precisely in practice. It makes no sense to indicate the specific names of the courses and the names of the authors, since new ones are constantly appearing who want to share their experience and talk about current trends. The more you write texts, the sooner you will be able to achieve success in this matter.

If there are problems with the Russian language, then you will have to improve your literacy. There are definitely no problems with this, there are all kinds of textbooks that you can study on your own. Again, you can also find tutorials on the Internet. You can check your literacy on special sites, using various tests in the Russian language. Nothing is impossible. In particularly difficult cases, you can turn to the services of a tutor, refresh your knowledge gained at school, or even get new ones.

How to make a portfolio?

In order to draw up a portfolio, it is not enough just to have a desire to work and your profile about education and hobbies. Most often, employers require you to write a literacy test, give a trial task – a small text on a specific topic that must meet the specified parameters. But there are those who consider applicants only with a portfolio. Therefore, whatever one may say, but first you need to gain some experience and start somewhere, from the simplest tasks, moving on to more complex ones. Only then will it be possible to create a portfolio that will include articles written earlier.

After reviewing them, the future employer will be able to conclude whether he needs such a copywriter, whether it is worth starting cooperation with him.


When there are articles, you can start preparing a portfolio. Select the best articles, preferably diverse ones, provide links to the sites where they were published. In addition, of course, you should talk about your strengths, good qualities, advantages that will help you get this job. Perhaps there are positive customer reviews, which can also be indicated in the portfolio.

Place of work

Finding a job without experience can be difficult. Therefore, sometimes it is worth starting with content exchanges, where often there are both complex tasks and the simplest ones. There are various services where you can check the uniqueness of the article, the presence of water and find out other characteristics. These include Text. Ru, Advego. Sometimes employers themselves indicate on which sites they need to check their finished work.

Part-time jobs and full-time jobs are available on job search sites. It is enough just to type in the search line “Copywriter Jobs” and a number of job advertisements will immediately be issued that you can consider.

Ideally, it is very convenient to cooperate with one site, which will allow you to always have a job, or acquire regular customers. To do this, of course, you need to prove yourself well. Often those who first worked on the exchanges and tried their hand at simple texts, then fill their hands and perform the most difficult tasks.

Overview of reviews

Many share very willingly their experience in the field of copywriting. Especially beginners. Most often, you can find such reviews when people purposefully set a goal, devoted time to gaining experience, and then made it their main activity.

Many say that this is a very good part-time job, which allows you to have additional income without much stress, you just need to prove yourself from the best side.

There are also negative reviews. They mainly concern the low payment for the text. There are cases when the customer does not want to pay, he is not satisfied with the work performed, and he does not indicate specific nuances. You need to be ready for this as well.