Very soon – our holiday! Life is now such that almost every one of us fits the definition of “working woman”. Not at work, but at home. And we deserve to be appreciated and rewarded for our daily work.

What does a woman dream about on March 8What does a woman dream about on March 8

What does a woman’s heart want?

So, according to the statistics for the last year, the leaders are flowers. An exquisite bouquet is the perfect sign of attention. He reminds a woman that she is beautiful, tender, feminine in the end. It brings back memories of the “candy-bouquet period” – it’s not for nothing that it is called that.

By a wide margin comes the desire to receive attention and care. Probably, the respondents were simply shy during the survey – we are more than sure that everyone wants this. And not just on holidays.

6% of ladies are drawn to the road. Romantic trip they would like it. Just as many dream of what Marilyn Monroe sings about: “Girls’ best friends are …”

Five percent want perfume (how to choose them? Read here!) or cosmeticsand four will simply agree have a romantic dinner with your loved one.

At the same time, 10 percent of the respondents said that there are no men who could give them a gift. We hope that in 2015 the situation will change dramatically for the better.

What do men agree to?

We are sure: finding a gift for March 8 is a real puzzle for men. After all, it happens that we want him to guess. Then we are silent and make hints – as transparent as, for example, a concrete wall.

But! The most interesting thing is that, in general, the representatives of the stronger sex think about the same gifts. So, as many as 38 percent of the male population of the country will make sellers rich colors. Eight percent think that attention and care is already enough of a gift. True, only 4 percent of men are ready to invest in travel somewhere uberromantic. The crisis, of course, affects. An unexpected 7% chose something for their loved ones jewelry. For spirits six percent of the men went before the holidays.

romantic dinner for some reason, as unpopular as a romantic trip – only 4%.

And another 4 percent said that they do not have women who are worthy of a gift.