On October 14, a real men’s holiday is celebrated in Ukraine – the Day of the Defender of Ukraine. What to give a guy on this day? We have made a special selection of gifts for you!

what to give a guy for Defender of Ukraine Daywhat to give a guy for Defender of Ukraine Day

What to give your beloved man on the most masculine holiday of the year on October 14? Every girl knows that men love attention very much. Especially if this attention is expressed in pleasant trifles and gifts. Agree that they rejoice like little children at the sight of a present.

There is less than a week left before the holiday and you are going crazy, do not know what gift to choose? The main thing – do not rush to run to the store for a traditional shower gel! Well, it’s too simple and banal.

Here are some of our useful gift ideas for Defender of Ukraine Day 2018. Do not thank 🙂

Motorcycle riding lesson

Let me guess, your crush has always dreamed of being a biker!? Hmm, then give him the opportunity to learn how to tame the iron horse! Do not worry about safety, everything is thought out, because during the motorcycle driving lesson a professional racer will follow everything and give out equipment. Such a gift will be quite original.

good headphones

headphones for Defender of Ukraine Day 2018 October 14headphones for Defender of Ukraine Day 2018 October 14

In the modern world, it is somehow difficult to imagine yourself without headphones. If just the other day your loved one hinted that his headphones will soon stop working altogether, you know what to do. Now there is such a large selection of headphones! Make him a good gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day 2018!

Elite alcohol

Many men collect alcohol, well, or dream of their own mini-bar. It is worth noting that even non-drinking men like beautiful expensive bottles. For a man, it is proud to have a small collection of wines, brandy and whiskey at his disposal. If the problem is that you are afraid of not guessing with a drink, consult with his friends.

What to give a guy who has everything What to give a guy who has everything

Wallet or business card

Practical gifts have never been out of place. It is difficult to miscalculate if you know exactly what thing he needs. Moreover, it is always beneficial to give something that he will always carry with him. After all, every time he pays, he will remember you. Therefore, a business card holder or a portman is a very good gift.

Stylish shirt

There are also win-win options with a gift. For example, replenish his wardrobe with a stylish new thing! Pick a stylish plaid shirt for him. They never go out of style and look good on men of all body types.

plaid shirts for a giftplaid shirts for a gift

Concert ticket

But what if you have a problem with an asterisk? What can you give a man if it seems to you that he does not need anything? In this case, a good option would be to bet on impressions and emotions. Surely there are performers or groups that he wants to hear live.

Thermos or lunch box

As we can see, October is not the warmest month for us this year. Therefore, a thermos will be a very relevant gift. If he constantly carries lunches with him to work or loves hiking, it will be very useful, just some stylish lunch box.

original gift for boyfriendoriginal gift for boyfriend


It is the original gifts that a man remembers the most. Why walk for a long time and suffer if you have long come up with stores designed specifically for creative things. In these specialized stores you can buy your loved one, for example, a 3-D pen that creates three-dimensional drawings or a mug with the image of his favorite meme.

But if there is no time to choose, no strength and inspiration – arrange a date for your loved one! May this day be special for both of you. Go bowling, go to the movies, or even order pizza and watch your favorite series or movie.