Jealousy about former relationships is common these days. Not many couples manage to avoid such problems in relationships. The days of virgins getting married are long gone. Now it is customary to create a family by trial and error.

jealous exjealous ex

And each “test” leaves some kind of imprint in our soul. And no one has the confidence that the imprint left in the soul of your partner by other “samples” is not as significant as you can become.

Therefore, the feeling of jealousy, already inherent in every lover, is fueled by these factors.

Many people find this situation depressing. Imagining their partner in the arms of rivals, albeit former ones, they “go crazy” with jealousy. And for many, this state of affairs, on the contrary, turns on. With all their actions they are trying to prove to their chosen one that there can be no one better than them and never has been.

But consider the state of affairs of those who are jealous of the former. Such a turn is not the best clue on the path to happiness. And if a person is really dear to you, then you need to do something with your obsession. So what exactly?

1. Don’t bring up past relationships.

If you see that the memory of them brings inconvenience to your partner, it means that they still “hurt” him. But this does not mean at all that the relationship with you is less important to him.

jealousy of the pastjealousy of the past

By constantly reminding yourself of the past, you make your partner relive the feelings that he experienced in the past.

And, without wanting it, you are pushing for their renewal.

2. No need to constantly scroll in your mind how a lover kisses / hugs his ex.

Why hurt yourself? It’s better to think more often how your loved one takes care of you, calls, pays attention. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, throw excess rubbish out of your head.

While this advice sounds simple, it’s not always easy to follow. Is it hard to focus on the good? Train! Just force yourself to think positively – this skill can be “pumped”, believe me.

3. Do not ask about the partner’s past from his relatives and friends.

Sooner or later, your detective work will become known to him, because the world is not without “kind” people! And such actions will only bring discord in your relationship.

jealous ex boyfriendjealous ex boyfriend

It is better to wait until your chosen one is ripe for stories about the past. But be honest: do you need it? After all, they love you, and what difference does it make what happened in that past?

4. Always remember that you were preferred to past relationships.

Now you meet the criteria that your life partner wants to see in your chosen one. So focus on meeting those criteria for the rest of your life. And then no past relationships of the second half will be terrible.

5. Learn to trust your chosen one.

Love is built on trust. By learning to trust your partner, you will get rid of the unnecessary fuss associated with constant suspicion. Of course, this is not a matter of one moment.

why are exes jealouswhy are exes jealous

You can’t learn it by snapping your fingers. But, having enlisted the advice of psychologists, it is worth a try.

6. Remember your past.

Are you so pure that you have nothing to reproach? Although, of course, we are confident in ourselves, but the partner … But he, too, has the right to jealousy.

essence of jealousyessence of jealousy

Would you be pleased if he began to dig into your past and reproach you for it? So why are you acting like this?

7. Give yourself and your partner a chance to start life from scratch.

You met and fell in love. Each with their own baggage of experience and problems. But you are good together. Why spoil the idyll with allusions to past relationships?

jealous ex girlfriendjealous ex girlfriend

After all, everything that you thought up for yourself is only a figment of your imagination. You will always have time to be jealous, leave this emotion for the moment when there really will be evidence. Now enjoy your happiness!

8. Turn your jealousy of your partner’s past into a “lighter” in intimate relationships.

Don’t let him in on this fantasy. Imagine that the one you are jealous of is an invisible observer of your happiness. She sees your “hugs”, notices your loving looks, envies you and is very sorry that you, and not she, were able to make this man happy.

Why not give an unforgettable sexual experience to your loved one? Such fantasies will always keep yourself in good shape and enjoy sex.

ex-husband's jealousyex-husband's jealousy

Yes, jealousy for the past of your partner within reasonable limits is a normal state of any loving person. But it is worth remembering that a person by nature is a hunter.

And the more desirable your chosen one is for others, the more valuable he is for you. And your vanity should be very pleased with the fact that he preferred you to all his past relationships!

photo: @camissao

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