Men, in general, are more loyal to women’s mistakes and shortcomings than we women are to men’s. Because a woman chooses a man with the hope of changing him.

will a man forgivewill a man forgive

And any “pilezh” for a miscalculation and a mistake, as well as a scandal, is perceived as a science. As another step towards creating the image of “The Man of My Dreams”. A man accepts a woman as a whole, as she is. But at the same time, she expects that she will never change. That’s why!

Rapid and abrupt change can be the factor that makes a man leave.

what men never +forgivewhat men never +forgive

It does not matter, changes in appearance or lifestyle. Career or goals. A man can’t handle them.

He chose a quiet housewife, and after 5 years you declare that you are opening a business with your friend Sasha? He married a thin brunette, and a year later you decide to change not only your hair color every month, but also increase your breasts, lips and buttocks over and over again? He started a relationship with a sports and active student, and you can’t lose weight 10 years after the decree, and watching TV shows became your most active hobby.

Any strong deviations from the “declared” at the beginning of the relationship will inevitably cause male discontent.

The more rigid a man is, the more difficult it will be for him to accept change. As sad as it is to admit, the banal aging of a woman is the cause of the collapse of many marriages. You ask: “What about men, because they also grow old ?!”

Of course, they grow old, only Dorian Gray remained forever young. But here’s the problem – a man sees your aging well, but he doesn’t notice his own. In his own eyes, he is still 25, but here you are already fifty dollars.

Public criticism and humiliation of a man There is another point that a man is not able to forgive.

that men don't forgive womenthat men don't forgive women

Every time at family feasts and friendly gatherings, do you talk about the mistakes of your man? Making fun of his mistakes, plans or hobbies? Did you slander him in front of friends or colleagues? God forbid you made him blush in front of the boss.

A man will not forgive such a shame, no matter how much he loves. And what kind of love can there be? After all, love, above all, causes a desire to treat with care the one you love. If you don’t care about a man’s reputation, why would you want to be with that man at all?

Change. But in this case, just not everything is so clear.

man forgives cheatingman forgives cheating

Most men are willing to forgive their girlfriend “casual” sex. For example, at a corporate party.

She drank too much, ended up in someone else’s bed – unpleasant, but this also happens with men. Therefore, a man will also forgive you for casual sex.

Will not forgive relationships on the side. And some men also say that they will never accept information about the sex of their woman with another woman. True, I don’t know how many women have experienced homosexual sex in their experience … Maybe such men just need to watch porn less?

“Run-ins” on mom. To his beloved and beautiful mother.

man + does not want to forgiveman + does not want to forgive

There are a number of couples that have existed in triangles for years, only instead of a mistress, Mom acts as a third party in them – He, She and His mother.

But in such cases, the competition of women takes place “quietly”, they try in various ways to show each other who is the best “mother” for the “son”. And drag the “son” to your side.

Such alliances are usually very stable. Instability occurs where a woman openly humiliates and insults a man’s mother, declares that she is bad and demands from a man, if not completely stop contacts with his mother, then significantly reduce them.

In 99% of cases, a man will choose his mother. And he will be right.

Constant rejection of sex.

can a man forgive cheatingcan a man forgive cheating

Everyone has the right not to want sex. However, if sex gradually disappears from your relationship because you say “no” to a man – “I’m tired”, “I don’t want today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, never”, the man begins to feel rejected.

Rejection is something we all fear in relationships. And sex is the area where rejection hurts the most. Who wants to face pain all the time?

Why don’t you want sex? Tired? It happens. But maybe then fatigue is a signal that responsibilities in a couple need to be redistributed, and not drag everything on yourself?

Do not want, the desire has disappeared? But why did it disappear and how to find it? Perhaps this is a reason to turn to a psychologist instead of constantly telling a man “I don’t want you”?

Is sex with this particular man no longer enjoyable? So maybe change a man – why continue to live with someone you don’t want? Or try to find new facets of sexual intimacy together?

In any case, whatever we do, it is worth remembering that our partner is a living person.

He also feels, he also wants something, he is afraid, he is worried. He also has emotions, fears and pain.

Treat him the way you want him to treat you. And don’t stay with someone who behaves differently.