What is it in psychology?

Self improvement is a kind of system. It is a conscious action that allows a person to move in terms of personal growth. Moreover, a characteristic feature of such a process is that a person forms in his character various positive qualities, certain properties and necessary skills.

All people living on earth have a clear individuality. Therefore, their self-assessment may differ. Some believe that they are perfect individuals who do not have to do anything to change their personal potential. Others, on the contrary, strive for knowledge and believe that they have done very little to achieve a certain perfection. An important role in these conclusions is played by education, freedom, morality, material values, etc.

The modern personality is distinguished by such a characteristic feature as self-awareness. She can afford to reach any heights. This is due to the freedom that certain knowledge and skills give. This means that any modern and intelligent person should not justify himself if he cannot achieve success, but should take the initiative in his hands and begin to act thoughtfully and boldly.

In this way, you can significantly move forward and discern various advantages and talents in yourself. And then you just have to try to develop them. This is how the process of self-improvement begins.

What happens?

Self-improvement is not one-sided, and it significantly affects the development and life of a person. So, there is intellectual, moral and physical self-perfection. Which one to choose depends on the individual. Perhaps she can move in the following directions.

  1. One of the main ways is mental or personal growth. Thanks to the assimilation of new knowledge and skills, a person can reach unprecedented heights. Competence in many matters will allow him to quickly move up the career ladder.
  2. Self-healing is also quite an essential moment for self-development. A person who has any ailment in his body tries to find out as much information as possible about its elimination.
  3. Physical condition is also important for personal development. As the saying goes: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. People who strive to improve their bodies overcome a rather difficult path. And this gives them the opportunity for self-realization.
  4. The professional sphere plays a significant role. The modern world is characterized by an abundance of various technology and electronic devices. Therefore, in this area, a person must be well versed in order to meet all the requirements that are needed when applying for a job. Thus, the individual becomes competitive in the labor market.
  5. Aesthetic self-improvement definitely affects a person’s life. The study of any literature, drawing, etc. enable the individual to grow spiritually. This is important in order to become self-sufficient and educated person.
  6. moral education – this is one of the main directions that will advance any person to self-improvement.

A person who has high moral traits in his character causes admiration and respect.


Human development is a natural process. By and large, any person is engaged in self-regulation and has a specific goal. Self-improvement is a goal, and it has typical motivators. Let’s consider them.

  1. The first motive is the attitude to life. Therefore, a person can cultivate himself in order to make his existence easier, increase his material well-being, improve his life, or learn to avoid trouble.
  2. Then comes the motive, which affects the attitude towards people. In this case, the person is engaged in self-improvement in order to have good relations with people, to help them, to enjoy their respect. In addition, a person needs self-actualization and self-improvement. And this cannot be done without the participation of others.

In this matter, it is necessary to take into account the needs that the human body experiences. For example, age and gender factors have been identified that have a significant impact on motivation. For example, a person of more mature age is less interested in the opposite sex, in contrast to adolescents and young people. And, therefore, the motives associated with age-related issues increase or decrease to one degree or another.

What hinders the desire for self-improvement?

As our life is constantly changing and running forward, so a person should be engaged in self-improvement. If an individual ignores such a process, then he involuntarily follows the path of self-destruction, and this is a big problem. Man cannot stop his development for a while. If this happens, then his life will become uninteresting and boring. Therefore, each of us involuntarily strives for self-improvement.

When life begins to go wrong, as we would like, any person begins to think about the issues of self-improvement. And especially in this process it is necessary to note the role of the will. Thanks to strong-willed decisions, the personality begins to change for the better. However, she makes mistakes and draws certain conclusions. Thus, the person reveals the potential of his “I”.

There is a certain part of people who cannot start the process of self-improvement. To justify themselves, they begin to look for someone to blame for their failures and troubles. Thus, they attract even more negativity into their lives. At the same time, they do not even understand that the root of the problem is in themselves.

If the problem is not solved, then the person who is “stuck in place” begins to become depressed.. And this process moves him even more away from finding a way out of the circumstances. So, Consider situations that prevent people from working on themselves.

  • Many people are afraid of change, and also the fear of the unknown. Stability is above all. But for many, stability brings nothing but suffering. For example, a person lives in a small village where there is no well-paid job. He works somewhere in an office for a penny and lives paycheck to paycheck. Retirement is still far away and he could sell the house to summer residents and buy a modest apartment in the big city.

Then you can find a job with a good salary and live happily ever after. But a person is afraid, because in his small village he has a guarantee that tomorrow will not be worse. He thinks: “If I leave and cannot find a job, then the source of income will quickly dry up, and poverty will set in.” This fear moves a person in a circle and does not allow to decide on a serious step. As soon as this person copes with his fear, he will change his life for the better.

  • The environment plays an important role in our life. Our character and views depend on the environment in which any of us is located. If a person lives in a place where people drink, walk and do not think about self-development, then he will also lead such a lifestyle.

And, on the contrary, if the environment in which the personality is based is distinguished by high consciousness, then it will want to develop in order to become one with the environment.

Where to begin?

In order to start the process of self-improvement, you need to have a desire. Willpower is also needed. Here is what you need to do to overcome this path.

  1. Pass a self-test. To do this, you can do the following. Take a piece of paper and write questions like this: “Who am I? Why do I live in this world? What did you do well? What I want? How would I like to live on? What do I want to get from life? Answer these questions for yourself in writing. Then reread them and think about what you wrote. After that, you will understand in which direction you should move further. In addition, you need to calculate the time and energy that will be required for the implementation of self-improvement.
  2. Self-discipline will help you stay on track. If you want to take a break from the process of self-improvement, then your commitment to yourself will return you to the realization of your plan.
  3. Motivation is just as important. You must know why you need to go through the process of self-improvement. And it will give you the strength to move forward.
  4. Get ready for difficulties. You should know that overcoming yourself raises a lot of questions and problems. Strive to overcome them.
  5. Get ready for your life to change dramatically. It will get better and never go back to the way it used to be.

Description of methods

Self improvement This is hard work that consumes time and effort. First of all, you need to put in front of you goalthen make a certain plan and start self-education. And special programs and the following methods will help in this. So let’s look at the following points.

  1. If you want to radically change your activity, you should improve the basic skills. To do this, you can sign up for continuing education courses or engage in establishing any connections that will inevitably bring success.
  2. Those who are going to go through life easily and freely can be offered to study foreign languages. This will allow you to expand your range of possibilities and take a step in a completely new direction.
  3. Start reading. May your reading be enlightening. Psychology books are especially helpful. Write down the most significant teaching moments and be sure to reread them. This way you can get to know yourself better and begin to correct the situation.
  4. Try to think creatively. The technique of the exercise is as follows: in all undertakings, look for unusual moments. For example, you want to make repairs. Before starting such an event, think about how you will act. You can just stick wallpaper and decorate the room according to the standard, or you can make a completely unusual interior decoration that everyone will admire.
  5. Find a hobby you love. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they are not doing what they would like to do. For example, a seamstress sits all day and sews pockets for shirts. She does not even realize that she can actually sew very fashionable things on an ongoing basis. In order for her to succeed, she must at least try, and then everything will go on as usual.
  6. Be sure to learn how to make a to-do list. Such an event is very disciplined. Practice shows that a disciplined person always manages to do everything, which means that he has more time for self-improvement.
  7. Inspire yourself. To do this, you can engage in viewing various photographs, films (both feature and documentary), as well as read life-affirming articles.
  8. Particular attention must be paid to proper nutrition. Eat for breakfast and dinner only those foods that are considered healthy. At the same time, you should not overeat. Remember that the human body is a delicate substance that requires the best nourishment in the form of healthy vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that a spiritually poor person almost always suffers from being overweight or feeling unwell.
  9. Travel at least once a year. Of course, if there is such an opportunity, then you can do it more often. Traveling gives a person the opportunity to find happiness and experience a large number of interesting moments. May your wanderings be spiritually rich and give you very valuable knowledge.
  10. Reading classical literature will allow you to broaden your horizons. In addition, you will be able to significantly replenish your vocabulary and begin to write correctly.
  11. It is very good if you visit museums, theaters and exhibitions. Start enjoying beauty. You will definitely like it. In addition, you will become a highly developed personality and learn cultural communication.
  12. Listening to classical music makes a person think. As soon as your brain starts working in a new format, it will require new knowledge and skills. You will be able to intuitively find a hobby or activity that will help you quickly express yourself.
  13. Go in for sports. You can start serious training, or you can just run around the house. Due to intensive exercises in your body, blood circulation will improve and energy will appear, which will require a certain output. You, unwittingly, will begin to look for new opportunities for self-realization.
  14. Follow the course of your thoughts. If negative “thoughts” start to creep into your head, try to get rid of them immediately. Don’t think bad. Remember, all thoughts are material.
  15. If you have bad habits, then be sure to get rid of them. Keep in mind that smoking and drinking alcohol will not lead to anything good. Health will be shaken, and the mental state will improve only for a while, as bad habits destroy the body and lead to complete degradation of the individual.
  16. Do not make hasty movements towards the target. Haste will not bring the result closer.

Therefore, think over your every step – this is how you improve your mental potential and learn how to make the right decisions.

Helpful Tips

Self-improvement is a permanent human condition. Therefore, all recommendations and exercises must be done every day and not neglect the good advice of experienced people. Some of them recommend rest with benefit. First of all, such The benefits are in meditation. What needs to be done for this? Read below.

  1. Choose a cozy, bright and quiet room.
  2. Sit on a comfortable upholstered sofa/chair. Pillows can be used for more comfort. Place a rug under your feet.
  3. You should not eat anything before meditation.
  4. Put on soothing music and set a timer for 15 minutes.
  5. Close your eyes and start breathing deeply and calmly.
  6. Thoughts that will come to your mind, do not drive, but just watch them, like clouds flying across the sky.
  7. Continue breathing calmly. Imagine that a huge luminous ball is formed above your head. It slowly descends and fills your entire consciousness. This bundle of energy moves down and permeates every part of your body. You may even feel tingling in the tips of your fingers and toes. Don’t be scared. This is how your body and mind are cleansed.
  8. Imagine that the energy that has arisen overwhelms you and breaks out into the sky. There she connects with the Cosmos. At this moment, you need to ask the Universe to change your consciousness for the better.
  9. Sit in a state of nirvana for a while, open your eyes when the alarm goes off.