As in nature there are different cycles, so the types of human biorhythms are divided into types of different duration. There are 3 forms in total.

  1. The shortest ones are called ultradian biorhythms. Their duration varies from one second to several hours, but not more than 24. These include processes such as meals, the work of the entire digestive system, breathing, heartbeat, and so on.
  2. Further on the duration, daily biorhythms are distinguished. They are also called circadians. They are created by the level of hormones and other blood indicators, the processes of sleep and wakefulness, fluctuations in body temperature depending on the time and state of the body, and other processes that repeat with us every day.
  3. The longest biorhythms are called infradian. Their duration can range from a week to a year.

This includes changes due to changing weather conditions, and the reduction or increase in daylight hours, and other seasonal changes depending on the time of year, this also includes women’s cycles.

Thus, on our biorhythms every second are influenced by many factors – both internal and external. Examples of both the first and second can be listed indefinitely. Almost every cell lays biorhythms inside us, they depend on the work of all organs, the endocrine system, and mental state. These indicators can change during the day, and can remain constant for a long time.

There are states that repeat with us from day to day or from year to year. Such natural phenomena as rain or snow cause sadness in some, a romantic mood in others. And the lunar phases affect not only the general condition of the body, but also its individual parts. It is known that hair and nails grow better when the moon goes to increase, and vice versa, at the moment when it turns into a month, the growth process almost stops. Therefore, many have long learned to adapt to this lunar calendar.

Special properties in certain periods are shown not only by people, but also by plants.. It is no coincidence that avid summer residents and gardeners always have a lunar calendar at hand, every day it is characterized by certain pluses and minuses for a particular group of flora. Following in step with nature, it is possible to draw up a schedule of adaptive measures not only for the flowering, but also for the human body. In addition, our biorhythms, like flowers, are sensitive to sunlight.

Simply put, the shortest classification with ultradian biorhythms reacts to our every sneeze, annual biorhythms live more according to the laws of nature than depending on the internal needs of the human body.

How to know your biorhythms?

Determining which day your biorhythms work one hundred percent, and when they require rest, is not so difficult. To create a kind of schedule of all indicators, you need to use one of the many programs or applications for your smartphone. All of them will provide a table or diagram showing when your body is ready for mental work, when for physical work, and when for creative work. The initial data are used the same. The first is your date of birth. After that, the program applies a certain formula.

If you really want to, you can do the calculations yourself, but why do we need it when the 21st century is in the yard, and smart machines are ready to come to our aid at any moment. Yes, and it is much easier and faster for them to determine the cycles of our biorhythms. What really needs to be kept in mind is the length of the major human cycles. Each indicator has its own period.

  1. Physical the cycle, the one that determines our strength and endurance, is 23 days.
  2. Emotionalwhich is “responsible” for our mood and mental state, lasts 28 days.
  3. Intellectual affects our ability to engage in creative and mental activities, it is the longest – 33 days.

Print the resulting graph and follow your biological rhythms. They will tell you when to clean up or go to the gym, when to go on a romantic date, and when to start writing an article (book, picture, song). It is also recommended to make the same charts for your children. So it will be easier to schedule classes in the sports section and in the music school.

Yes, and it will be useful to compare your own biorhythms with how they are set up among loved ones. Then it will be easier for you to find a common language, share household chores and avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts.

Effect on the body

Our biorhythms affect not only our ability to do anything at any given time, but also our health. For example, a food culture ensures order in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Experiments such as fasting affect his activity negatively. It would seem that people often resort to such methods for losing weight, and the result is often not encouraging.

The thing is that in this way we disrupt the functions of all digestive organs. They “do not understand” what to do due to the fact that they were left “without a job”. Then, when they need to process food again, they stop working in full. Therefore, before trying to “deceive” your body, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, even better – consult a specialist.

Otherwise, you can severely damage the mechanism of your own internal clock and, as a result – disrupt the metabolic process, which will inevitably lead to a set of extra pounds. Having studied their own biorhythms, many make adjustments to their own life. So, in sports, coaches and athletes themselves often make a schedule of classes, taking into account the peculiarities of the schedule of biological rhythms.

In the West, specialists have completely established a connection with the choice of profession. That humanity is divided into three types – larks, owls and pigeons, if not everyone knows, then almost everyone. For the second, we will explain that the first are those who get up early enough, their performance is especially great in the morning, but closer to 10 o’clock in the evening they should already be in bed. The latter, on the contrary, are ready to work until midnight, and in the morning they look more like sleepy flies than viable employees.

Scientists have calculated that about a quarter of the world’s population are larks, and more than 40% are owls. All the rest are a mixed type, which is called pigeons. So, in some companies, before hiring, they check the biological clock of the applicant. Skylarks will never be hired on the night shift, and owls will never be trusted with a task that must be completed by dinner. Thus, labor productivity increases not only for a particular person, but also for the enterprise as a whole.

Ideally, we need to consider each specific factor that is influenced by our biorhythms.

Physical state

As noted above, biological rhythms affect performance in general. The physical cycle determines when it is best to exercise and when to stop vigorous activity. The curve of your biorhythms will help determine at what time of the day, week and month your ability to work is at its highest level, and when it is better to leave all things that require at least some physical effort, because it will not be possible to achieve a significant result at these moments anyway.

Emotional condition

Violation of the emotional cycle will lead to reduced mental activity, affect mood, and can even lead to changes in behavior patterns. A person will get up “on the wrong foot” every day, so you simply won’t have to wait for brilliant ideas from him at work or a kind word at home. Hence the nervous breakdowns both in himself and in the people around him.


Our brain also acts according to its own biorhythm chart. Have you ever thought about why sometimes we can’t find a solution in any way, and literally after an hour or two we issue it and understand that it practically lay on the surface? The whole point is that at a certain time of the intellectual cycle, our mental abilities are not even at zero, but in a deep minus.

Therefore, having studied the schedule, you can easily understand when it is worth starting to solve difficult tasks, and when it is better to refuse them, not to waste time in vain and devote it to other activities, of which you probably have a lot.

Causes of violations

Biological rhythms, as noted earlier, depend on both external and internal factors.. They are affected by both weather conditions and diet. The disorder can cause starvation, excessive eating. Both can seriously change the metabolic process, and it will be very difficult to restore it.

A serious failure gives a violation of the daily routine. The shift is more likely to happen if you have to change time zones. Having visited a country where there is a big difference in time, you will certainly feel that your internal clock has gone astray. And now we will consider these and some other reasons that affect the work of the individual’s internal chronometer in more detail.


Time within us is the basic element of all life activity. By translating the hands of this clock, you will change the physiological state of the body as a whole. Therefore, before taking on night work, think carefully about what your body will lead to later. If you do not tend to spend the night actively, then the likelihood that you will soon develop chronic fatigue syndrome is very high.

When choosing a country for travel, pay attention to the time difference, remember that when you return home, you will certainly have to readjust your biological rhythms. Therefore, leave at least a couple of days for this and do not rush to work immediately after you have arrived from the other side of the world. When traveling, try not to disrupt your meal, sleep, and wake schedules too much. And, of course, always stick to the regime at home.


Ecology is one of the reasons that experts name when they detect a violation in the work of the biorhythmic system. Of course, it will not be possible to solve all environmental problems at once, and even alone. However, they can be fought.:

  • more often be outdoors – in the forest or in the country;
  • start helping nature from yourself – try sorting garbage, for example, organize cleaning in the yard, the Universe will certainly answer you with gratitude and send you positive energy that will strengthen your inner strength and will not let the internal clock mechanism go astray.

Another external factor is the change of seasons. In our country, autumn, as you know, is a dull time. If you are affected by it, then it is best to go on vacation to warmer and sunnier countries during the most prolonged rains and chilly weather. If this is not possible, brighten up your life at home.

Use more powerful light bulbs, decorate the apartment with flowers, fill it with pleasant smells with the help of incense sticks. If you ignore all this and let internal time take its course, then you can lose it.


The loss of biological rhythms can lead to many problems. This and malaise, and disability, and mental disorders. If you feel symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, or, conversely, insomnia, loss of appetite, or an excessive desire to eat everything that catches your eye, urgently check your condition with your internal clock and start repairing the mechanism.

How to recover?

First of all, you should restore the usual daily routine. It must be tailored to individual needs. Before setting the body to work properly, count your biorhythms. Only then proceed to draw up a personal schedule of work and rest.

Take control of your body into your own hands. You can change its state only if you correctly distribute cases according to individual characteristics. Night discos are contraindicated for larks, and morning jogging for owls is contraindicated. However, this does not mean that physical activity should be completely abandoned. Doing sports not only helps in shaping the body, they help to strengthen the spirit and biological rhythms too.

The regulation of the internal clock will not happen until you begin to listen to them and live according to the laws of their time. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time. The same applies to food intake.

Go on vacation around the same time. Do not arrange unnecessary shocks to your body. You don’t bang your wristwatch against the wall, even if it’s shockproof. So why endanger your own body? Give him more fresh air. Walk more and ventilate the rooms in which you live and work daily.

It will be good if you start talking to your inner self through meditation. In any case, listen to the desires of your body more often. Let him rest, give gifts in the form of massages and spa treatments. Please him with useful products. Do not poison with a large amount of fat, especially at night. The digestive system, like the brain, also needs sleep.

Do not knock down biorhythms by flooding all the cells of your body with alcohol, such moisture is definitely contraindicated for him. But drink clean water at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

Take up yoga, enroll in a dance school or a gym. Use herbal infusions as “fertilizer” for your body and spirit. In case of violations of biological rhythms, lemongrass, stevia, safflower-like leuzea, ginkgo biloba and, of course, ginseng are recommended.

If all these recommendations are followed, your root of life will firmly hold you in any, even the most difficult situations.