Reasons for the decrease in perseverance

It is quite possible that deep down you are quite a diligent person, but this quality “fell asleep” in you for one of the following reasons:

  • you do not have enough desire to do this or that work, or you simply do not like your job;
  • you lack the incentive to complete the task;
  • you are not interested in the end result;
  • you lack physical activity;
  • you lack communication.

To the above reasons, others can be added, which often arise as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, in adults and children they are very different.

In an adult

They often say about a restless employee – “his energy and in a peaceful direction.” From such people there is always a lot of noise and little sense. They are more likely to be seen giving a fiery speech about the need to do everything on time in a smoking room than in the workplace. And while their colleagues silently perform the assigned tasks, they discuss how to do it with colleagues, friends on the phone. They always have something to do with themselves, just not to stay in one place.

As a result, the efficiency is often close to zero. If among the above reasons you have not found one that explains why this happens, you can try to find the root of the problems in childhood.

The child has

Some parents explain the restlessness of their child by his increased interest in everything that happens around. Indeed, it is difficult to force a very small child to remain in place for a long time. However, it is essential to do so. To do this, you need to find the most interesting activity for your baby.

It is necessary to instill in him from an early age the idea that any business must be completed. We began to collect puzzles – do not quit what you started until you get the full picture. We started modeling from plasticine – be sure to complete the creation of the figure. And most importantly, do not set a bad example yourself. Grabbed the vacuum cleaner – do not turn it off until you clean the whole room.

If, in the process of performing a particular task, your hands are itching to go check your mail or throw a rag as soon as you hear the SMS signal, then it’s time to start treatment.

How can you develop?

It is possible to develop perseverance in a person. Learning not to be distracted by extraneous sounds, thoughts and objects is easy enough. To do this, first of all, you need to put things in order, not even in your head, but around. Remove all distractions from your desktop. Also put the photo of your beloved child away, otherwise the desire to call him and ask how you are doing can overpower and distract you from your goal. Delete all your favorite PC games from your computer. Close all unrelated sites – you can watch the news later.

To cultivate perseverance, strictly follow the plan. Make a to-do list for the day ahead of time, preferably the night before. Do not try to embrace the immensity, include in your plan only what is really important to do right now. Reduce time for breaks. But it is impossible to completely refuse breaks. Otherwise, sooner or later you will just “break loose”.

Try one of the most popular and simple time management techniques “Tomato”. This method of self-organization got its name from the subject with which it is carried out. You will need an ordinary kitchen timer. This is exactly what the inventor of the method, an Italian student, used when he realized that he could not bring himself to complete his homework on time. He turned on his “pomodoro” for 25 minutes, during which he strictly worked on a single task, without being distracted by anything. Soon it became a habit for him, and then Francesco Cirillo, that was the name of the young man, gave the world this idea.

Now, instead of kitchen timers, many use special applications that can be easily installed on the phone. When planning your work for the day, be sure to leave time for emergencies.. If suddenly it is not needed, do extra work or spend it on personal needs. Take a walk or go to your favorite cafe for a cup of coffee. May this be your reward for your patience.

Encourage yourself to do the little things more often. Submitted the report on time – buy a chocolate bar, even if you are on a diet, or go to a beauty salon. Please yourself every time you managed to overcome laziness and unwillingness to focus on one activity. Pick up new good habits. Never done exercises – so start doing it right from today. Ten tilts and ten squats will be enough to start with. Just do these exercises daily at the same time. This will not only help you develop a good habit, but will also enable your brain to work better, since any physical activity reduces the likelihood of hypoxia.

Make it a rule to read a certain number of pages each evening. This refers not to Internet pages, but to book pages. And take a printed book, and not its electronic counterpart. It has been proven that the light emitted by tablets, phones and other gadgets has a detrimental effect on the nervous system and leads to insomnia. A healthy sleep is another important component of good health and, as a result, high performance.

Get out in the fresh air more often, it will also help you to show concentration. Don’t overwork, but don’t be lazy either. Find the golden mean. If this does not help, start doing simple exercises.

Effective Exercises

Attention training builds the habit of perseverance. One of the easiest ways is to memorize the text. Start with simple quatrains, then try longer verses, and finally move on to prose. The main thing is to do it daily. On the way to work, for example.

Another effective way is calligraphy. Have you been writing letters by hand for a long time, and not using a keyboard? It’s time to return to the roots. Transfer the same to-do list from electronic media to paper. And write out each letter very carefully, as in a writing lesson in the first grade. Develop perseverance and memory at the same time.

Before leaving the office, take a good look around it and on the way home, try to recreate every detail exactly, even the color of the boss’s tie and the shape of his secretary’s earrings. Try not to act alone. Involve family members in your activities. Turn routine work on yourself into a game. Make it a rule once a week or at least a month to visit exhibitions, theaters, and a zoo with the whole family. When you return, be sure to discuss what was most memorable, and outline where you will go next time.

The main thing is to follow the plan exactly. And then it will be easy for you to stay in place when necessary. And from a fidget you will turn into a responsible employee and you won’t even notice how you become the best employee of the month. Does your organization not have such a competition? No problem. Assign this title to yourself and do not forget about the reward that you have earned with your hard work – run for a chocolate bar. After all, you read this article from beginning to end, which means you showed perseverance and took the first step towards a successful future.