What professions are the most profitable?

There are many interesting professions. The most profitable are well-paid and demanded professions by employers. The highest salaries today are for workers who repair industrial equipment, and construction specialties are also always relevant. There are other interesting and promising professions that provide an opportunity to have good earnings and a social package. They are in different directions. The most promising of them should be considered.

Technical professions:

  • locksmith;
  • welder;
  • plasterer;
  • painter;
  • miller.

Perhaps there is no particular prestige in this list of professions, but they are highly paid and are among the top most in demand. Such specialists are needed everywhere: in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Kazakhstan and Perm, Chelyabinsk and Surgut. Even the capital can not do without them.

Economic professions:

  • cashier;
  • manager;
  • salesman.

This group of specialties is also in high demand. Surely they are required in Saratov, Vologda, Volgograd, and other cities and villages.

Creative specialties:

  • designer;
  • florist;
  • painter;
  • choreographer.

These professions are designed for creative and creative people. They teach to see beauty and create unusual and beautiful things from ordinary objects. Perhaps these specialties are not the most profitable, but they are definitely necessary not only for the people themselves, but also for those around them, because they give joy and pleasure. They can suit both boys and girls. Announcements with instructions about vacancies of this kind can be found in Abakan, Bryansk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl.

What to choose for a girl?

In modern society, girls can master any profession. Restrictions apply only to hazardous and physically difficult industries. The list of professions more suitable for girls should include certain specialties.


Nurses work in schools, factories and factories, in medical institutions. It is the nurse who is always next to the doctor, being his reliable assistant. The medical college provides extensive and solid knowledge sufficient to identify and diagnose various diseases, to be able to provide the necessary assistance.

It is the nurse who gives injections and puts droppers. And its tasks are to measure the pressure in patients and conduct medical procedures.

Responsibilities of the District Nurse include:

  • writing out certificates and prescriptions;
  • preparation of directions for examinations and collection of analyses;
  • maintaining outpatient records.

Much more duties are performed by a nurse working in hospital departments.

She is obliged:

  • make injections;
  • measure pressure;
  • administer medication to patients;
  • if necessary, provide assistance to patients (until the doctor arrives).

The nurse controls the necessary sanitary condition of the wards and the regimen of patients, as well as the routine prescribed by the doctor in the department. Also, nurses as an assistant help the surgeon during operations. They prepare the room and equipment, supply the necessary tools, and clean the operating room.

The position in question has many positive aspects:

  • this is the most demanded female profession;
  • in the future, you can get higher education;
  • awareness of involvement in saving human life.

It is a noble, interesting and very useful profession. To become a nurse, you must enter a medical school or college.


Veterinarians do not become random people. This profession is closely related to medicine, only animals play the role of patients here. This specialty is chosen by those who cannot imagine their life without their pets. These specialists treat animals.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • health care;
  • conducting inspections;
  • implementation of vaccination;
  • carrying out operations;
  • implementation of chipping;
  • advice to pet owners.

This profession is in great demand, because next to a person there are always animals that need help, vaccination and treatment. Circuses, zoos, agriculture need the services of veterinarians.


A cosmetologist can be called a beauty expert, he helps to correct, and, if necessary, treat a person’s face and body. Graduates of the 9th grade, who are distinguished by strong knowledge of chemistry and biology, will be able to master this profession. In addition, they must be very neat, clean and have good fine motor skills. Cosmetologists are highly sought-after specialists. Public clinics, private hospitals, beauty salons, spas need them.

The main responsibilities of these professionals are:

  • control and treatment of acne and lipodystrophy;
  • treatment of diseases accompanied by ticks, fungi, allergic reactions;
  • treatment of warts, papillomas, moles;
  • elimination of scars and calluses;
  • weight correction, scar smoothing;
  • control of vascular neoplasms;
  • treatment of skin pathologies.

In addition, cosmetologists know how to stop aging, maintain youthful facial skin, health and beauty of hair.

Teacher of preschool and additional education

Graduates of the 9th grade, who wish to work with the younger generation, can receive the specialty of a teacher of preschool or additional education. This work is more suitable for girls, because they are future mothers and will be able to understand the baby, caress and soothe, help him solve problems. However, the requirements for such representatives are quite high. They should be an example for children, be highly literate, and be comprehensively developed.

During the course of work, the teacher is engaged in:

  • child development;
  • upbringing;
  • mental correction.

This profession is in demand everywhere and is well paid.

In addition, teachers have a long annual vacation in the summer, they have the opportunity to skip the queue to arrange their children in kindergarten. This is a very interesting job, without a routine, giving the opportunity for self-expression.

Cook, confectioner

It is pleasant and interesting to create sweets and masterpieces of the cuisine, and you can also participate in culinary shows and competitions. To achieve this goal, you need to unlearn to be a chef or confectioner. Girls after the 9th grade in colleges and technical schools will be taught the intricacies of preparing a variety of dishes, the ability to understand products.

The training will focus on:

  • chemistry and biology;
  • cooking;
  • confectionery technologies;
  • hygiene;
  • sanitary requirements when working with products.

Cooks and confectioners are constantly needed, because people will always want to eat, which means that the need for these professions is high.

These specialists are needed:

  • schools;
  • kindergartens;
  • pizzerias;
  • sushi bars;
  • cafes and canteens.

It is prestigious to work in cafes or restaurants, and the salary here is high. However, it is worth remembering that this profession is creative, it requires attention, accuracy and aesthetics. In addition, you need to memorize dozens of recipes, and it is also desirable to learn how to create something of your own – branded.


This profession can be called, perhaps, the most demanded on the Internet.

Copywriting activities:

  • writing advertising texts, articles and posts on social networks;
  • inventing slogans, product names;
  • generating ideas for promoting goods;
  • creating scripts for commercials;
  • participation in round tables, etc.

The main task of a copywriter is to create a set of measures in order to increase the sales of customers’ products. Bright leaflets, booklets that catch the eye of the consumer, catchy chants – all this is also a product of the creativity of such specialists.

To be successful in this activity, you need to know human psychology, anticipate the desires of the buyer, understand what the consumer wants to hear about the purchased goods. In this profession, you need to constantly improve. A lot of vacancies await such specialists everywhere, and not only on the Internet. Working remotely has its advantages. For example, it allows you to work for several customers without leaving your home. The salary level of a copywriter depends on the number of completed projects. The salary in large companies is much higher, but there are many times more responsibilities. Even better are copywriters who have become content marketers. Numerous courses will help you master and improve copywriting skills, prepare a content marketer for work, and teach you the basics of creating websites.


This is a bright and noticeable profession, sung in songs and movies. Many girls see themselves in beautiful uniforms on international flights serving drinks and earning big money. In fact A flight attendant is a junior technical position responsible for passenger safety and assistance on ships and aircraft. Plus, she must also be a pretty waitress who speaks several foreign languages. To become a flight attendant, it is not necessary to have a higher education. A profession can be mastered in a college or technical school, in extreme cases, in courses. If you take training from an airline, then after graduation you will have to work in it, but this can be considered a kind of employment opportunity and gaining work experience. A number of requirements are put forward for applicants for this profession.

Must have:

  • attractive appearance;
  • height 165–175 cm;
  • aged 18 to 30 years;
  • clothing size 42-46;
  • there should be no scars, moles, tattoos.

In addition, clear diction, a soft timbre of voice, good eyesight, quick reaction and a calm character are required. Girls should be well-mannered and sociable, restrained and diplomatic, as well as stress-resistant. The reward for diligent work will be a good salary, the opportunity to see the world with your own eyes, vacation up to 70 days, retirement at 45.


This is a modern and interesting creative profession. The applicant must have perseverance, patience, as well as innovative thinking, creativity and good taste.

  • Landscape designer. This person must have a sense of style. It can give style and beauty to the garden plot, arrange the plants in the backyard area, give it an attractive appearance and nobility. Combining the knowledge of a florist, botanist, soil scientist and agronomist, he will easily select the necessary plants. Combining them, he will create the optimal combination in accordance with specific conditions and style, and perhaps add alpine slides, grottoes or sculptures to this composition. After such work, the territory will please the eye and look expensive.
  • Fashion designer. Representatives of this profession create new fashionable clothes. It is they who determine what will be “worn this season.” Such clothes are always recognizable, they fit perfectly and express the features of the wearer’s inner world. To master this profession, you need to have the necessary qualities. Such a specialist is distinguished by impeccable taste, developed spatial thinking, he must have the gift of an artist. The designer must be well versed in fabrics, skillfully use this knowledge when creating clothing models.
  • Ad designer. Of all the specialties of this type, it is the most demanded and promising, entering the top of the most prestigious and highly paid. An advertising designer has ample opportunities for creativity and the realization of his ideas, receiving a significant monetary reward for this.

To achieve success in these professions, it is necessary to have great diligence, be able to hear the customer, understand his desires and at the same time be able to defend his point of view.

Hair stylist

Mankind has always needed hairdressers, so this profession will be in demand all the time. Public people always have their own face, and a decent hairstyle is part of this image. A hair stylist doesn’t just make people neat – he creates an image. There are many hairdressers and beauty salons in all cities, so we always solve the issue of employment. The salary of such a specialist directly depends on his skill. A hair stylist must know and be able to do a lot.


  • know chemistry, physics, aesthetics;
  • understand the structure of hair, the type of faces;
  • master the technique of cutting.

Many requirements are also imposed on the physical data of the future master.

  • Be hardy. After all, you have to work standing up the whole shift, keeping your hands on the weight in a raised state.
  • Have high mobility and flexibility of the fingers.
  • Have a calm personality. He must be able to establish contact with customers regardless of their mood.
  • Have good aesthetic taste.

A good specialist should follow fashion and know the latest haircut trends, approach work with responsibility and creativity.

Actor, entertainer, singer

Actors are professional performers of various roles in cinema and theater. The main thing in their profession is the ability to transform into heroes of works, to make the audience empathize with the characters. Artists are musicians, pop and circus performers. The main goal of their profession is to create a spectacle, a show. Applicants must be highly creative.

In addition, they need:

  • be artistic;
  • do not be afraid of the stage;
  • know psychology;
  • be able to transform;
  • have musical ability;
  • have good diction;
  • be charming and charismatic.

These creative professions are very popular, and therefore desirable for many. Talent and great diligence are necessary requirements.

Where can a guy go to study?

Most male specialties focus on the physical capabilities of guys. First of all, these are professions related to technology. Having received the specialty of a car mechanic, mechanic, machinist or welder, you can always find a decent job with a high salary. Graduates who have chosen the specialty of a mechanic or electrician can get an education free of charge. Under the same conditions, they teach in vocational schools the specialties of a welder and a turner.

Greater opportunities open up for young men with a good certificate, they can continue their education in various educational institutions.

  • College. This educational institution is the first step to higher education. Before entering college, you need to find out what subjects you need to take. Having provided a certificate and passed exams, a graduate has been studying at a college for four years in order not only to receive a secondary education, but also to master the chosen specialty. After receiving a diploma, he can continue his studies or get a job.
  • Lyceum at the university. The lyceum prepares students for university studies.
  • Schools. Studying at a school is the easiest way to get both a specialty and a secondary education at the same time. In this case, the first two years are training according to the school curriculum, and the next year or two, training is conducted in the chosen specialty.
  • Courses. Courses can last several weeks or several months. Courses provide knowledge and skills to perform a specific job. For example, you can go to courses for programmers, drivers or cooks, having received an appropriate certificate after graduation.

Military specialties are considered to be purely male professions. You can get them in the schools of the same name. They form young men’s responsibility, endurance, develop good physical shape, and provide special technical knowledge. Such specialists are in demand in military and civilian organizations. To get a law degree, you need to go to law school and decide on the legal field. After graduation, you can get a job in the legal department of an enterprise, work in a law or law firm.

How to decide?

Even advanced high school students are very far from a correct understanding of many everyday issues. Choosing a future profession after graduating from grade 9 is one of them.

To determine the specialty, you should take into account some features.

  • Vocation choice. Many young people, having chosen a profession by vocation, dream of doing this favorite thing all their lives. Usually, from childhood, they know exactly what they like, and choose a profession taking into account inclinations, skills, desires.
  • Material choice. If it was not possible to decide in advance on the business of a lifetime, then any profession with a good salary will do.
  • For company. Not understanding what they really want, graduates often decide to go to study for a company. Such vicious practices often go against the individual’s inclinations or abilities.

Good career guidance can help young people in this matter, giving young people complete information not only about the variety of educational institutions, but also about the specialties themselves. Graduates have the opportunity to pass special testing. This will help to get an idea of ​​the personal qualities of the graduate, his capabilities and aspirations. Thanks to this, the graduate will be able to decide on the specialties suitable for himself and, after consulting with his parents, make the right choice.