Profitable optionsin world

    • Accountant. In order to receive a lot of money for their activities, an accountant will need a long work experience and knowledge of the law. The salary of a specialist depends on his workload and the financial capabilities of the company.


    • Lawyer. This profession is suitable for morally stable people with a broad outlook. High-level specialists should be able to make decisions quickly and not be afraid of stressful situations. Good lawyers get big money in any city: Perm and Kazan, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk.


    • Marketer. These specialists must be able to analyze the market and convey the necessary information to the target audience. The average salary of a marketer is 50 thousand rubles.


    • Vessel captain. This profession is popular in many coastal cities. The captain of the ship is responsible for its safety, as well as for the passengers or cargo carried. The average salary of such a person is 180 thousand rubles a month. But in order to become a captain, you need to spend several years studying at the maritime academy, and then work as a navigator or assistant captain.


Such modern professions as a manager, auditor and logistician are also considered profitablein world.


Whom to work in the USA?

In America, all professions with high salaries are directly related to medicine. The work of doctors in the United States is highly valued.

    • Anesthetist. At the very beginning of the ranking is the profession of an anesthesiologist. The annual income of a good specialist is 250 thousand dollars. But in order to get decent pay for their efforts, doctors study from 11 to 17 years. The anesthetist works with patients before, during and after surgery. He calculates the dosage of anesthesia that is safe for him, monitors the progress of the operation, brings the patient out of anesthesia, and also helps him recover after it.


    • Surgeon. This profession is on the second place in the list. Good specialists earn about the same as anesthesiologists. They also study for a very long time. In addition, it is worth noting that people working as surgeons have a great responsibility. Therefore, not everyone can achieve heights in this profession.


    • Dentist. Since dentistry is one of the fastest growing branches of medicine, good doctors must be willing to constantly learn and improve their skills. However, for such a responsible approach to business they are paid very well. Professional dentists make about $220,000 a year in America.


Also in demand in America are orthodontists, therapists, pediatricians and obstetricians-gynecologists.

How to get a good salary ?

The most highly paid sector of the economy  is the information technology industry. Below is a list of the top paid professions.

    • IT specialist. The IT sector is developing very rapidly. Local developers collaborate with the world’s largest corporations and create unique mobile applications and games. Therefore, it will not be difficult for a good specialist to find a job in this area. The average salary of Belarusian developers and programmers is 3-4 thousand dollars.


    • financiers. In the first years of work, good specialists receive 700-800 dollars. Later, they can rise to a managerial position and earn twice as much.


    • Dentists. The demand for this profession is always relevant. Dentists in Belarus can work in both public and private clinics. The highest salaries are for dentists from Minsk and other large cities. The salary of a specialist directly depends on his qualifications.


    • Designers. This is a great job for a creative person. The rate of a specialist largely depends on the specifics of the work. On average, designers make $1,200 per month.


At the same time, it should be understood that it is quite difficult to get a job with a high salary in Belarus. To do this, you need to have a good education and be competitive.


Well paid professions in the world

The list of prestigious specialties that graduates should pay attention to is quite large. Therefore, everyone can choose something suitable for themselves.

Heads of companies – CEO

The position of the head of the company attracts many. A person who wants to earn a lot must be very responsible and ready to devote a lot of time to his business. Managers’ salaries depend on their professionalism and level of workload. Now it is much easier for men to succeed in this profession.

Technical Project Managers

Since various new technologies are constantly appearing in the world now, people who coordinate various projects are in great demand. In order to become a real expert in this field, one has to get a higher education. It takes 7 years. But the effort spent is worth it.

Analysts and traders

The list of highly paid professions includes analysts. In order to get big money for their work, specialists need to be able to quickly adapt to difficult situations and skillfully analyze the data received. Professionals can earn good money bothin world and in South Korea and Turkey. To get a job in a good company and get big money for your work, a person needs to have a higher education and extensive experience in creating forecasts.

Traders are specialists who trade various assets. In order to start in this profession, a person will need a higher economic education, as well as a document confirming his qualifications as a specialist in financial markets.


The essence of the job of a marketer is in active promotion of various products. Future specialists after the 11th grade should receive a specialized education. The earnings of a marketer is 120-140 thousand dollars a year. Most marketers earn in Australia, America and Canada.


Professional programmers get a lot both in Europe and in Asia. To be successful in one’s profession, one must constantly learn. The average salary of a good specialist is 160 thousand dollars a year. But there are more highly paid professionals.

civil aviation pilots

This profession is dangerous and difficult.. That is why pilots get good money for their work. This position is suitable for strong and self-confident men who can make decisions quickly. The average salary of a good specialist with work experience is 135 thousand dollars a year.


The task of a professional recruiter is to select labor personnel for different companies. They analyze questionnaires, conduct interviews and try to find the most suitable person for the chosen position. Recruiters can work for an agency and run a private practice. To become a successful specialist in this field, a person must be a good manager and have a developed intuition.

A big plus of this profession is the possibility of rapid career growth.



To earn big money for their work, a lawyer must have a good college education and be willing to continue learning throughout his life. The level of income of such a professional depends on the company in which he works.

Sales Managers

This profession is interesting and very responsible. The main task of a specialist is to negotiate and sell the services or goods of the company. Most of the working time, employees in this position are engaged in negotiations. Professional managers earn quite a lot.

logistics specialists

Any large company needs good and experienced logisticians. These professionals organize the timely delivery of various products from one place to another and their warehousing. Good specialists should be able to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time.

In addition, it is very important for representatives of this profession to be able to find a common language with people. Logistics training lasts 6 years.



This profession has been in demand for many decades in a row. Good accountants are needed by insurance agencies, tax authorities, banks and other businesses. A person with a good specialized education can receive a decent remuneration for his work both in Kazakhstan or China, and in the Czech Republic or Ukraine.


Representatives of this profession are engaged in the development of insurance rates and evaluate investments. In addition, they are engaged in the study of applications for insurance. Actuaries must have an analytical mind and be fluent in English. Representatives of this important profession receive about 70 thousand dollars a year.


Members of this profession are responsible for reviewing the financial records of companies and individuals. In addition, they are engaged in counseling. In order to constantly increase your income, a person needs to have a good reputation and a lot of experience. The disadvantages of this profession include irregular working hours, frequent business trips, difficult employment and the need to constantly work with a lot of information.

Experts in genetic engineering

This profession of the future is very popular and in demand. Geneticists are concerned with the detailed study of the structure of DNA, various chemical formulas, and evolutionary situations. They can modify the structure of living organisms at the gene level, making them more resistant to various viruses.

To become a genetic engineer, a person must be well versed in chemistry, physics and biology. In addition, a scientist needs to speak English in order to be able to communicate with foreign colleagues and read the necessary literature in the original. Good specialists can get a place in a scientific institute or laboratory. The average income of such an employee is 90 thousand dollars a year.

Petroleum engineers

This profession is also very promising. The duties of a specialist include the search for oil and gas, as well as control of the process of their processing. Engineers can work both directly on the field and in a comfortable office. The annual salary of a good oilman in big cities is 90 thousand dollars. Rare valuable specialists receive even more.

Cryptocurrency and ICO specialists

Representatives of this profession help enterprises attract investment, and also provide advice. They can select the most appropriate registration for the ICO, as well as provide all the necessary information related to the regulation of cryptocurrency by the legislation of any country.


Health care professions are also highly paid. To earn a lot in this area, a person needs to spend a lot of time on training. But the results are worth it. The list of professions that pay very well includes those below.

    • surgeons. In most countries, surgeons are paid very well. Physician training lasts 10 years. In addition, in order to “stay in good shape”, they continue to master new technologies throughout their lives. The earnings of a good surgeon in developed countries is 240 thousand dollars a year.


    • Psychotherapists. People who specialize in the detection and treatment of psychiatric disorders are also highly valued in a developed society. Very often, specialists after many years of work in a public clinic decide to open a private office. This helps them increase their income levels.


    • Gynecologists. This is another in-demand job. Both a man and a woman can become a gynecologist. The duties of doctors include managing the reception of patients, working with sick leaves and treating various diseases. Gynecologists, like other physicians, must be trained throughout their lives.


Now freelance professions are also popular.

    • SMM specialist. Since most people now use social networks in their work, this profession is very much in demand. A good specialist can easily find work on various freelance exchanges. One person has the opportunity to lead several simple projects at once, receiving from 1000 to 5000 dollars a month for his work.


    • Traffic Arbitrator. Representatives of this profession are engaged in the sale of the most valuable thing on the Internet – traffic. They increase traffic to sites, communities, as well as the level of sales. To get good pay for your work, a person must be stress-resistant and creative. In addition, it is important for affiliates to be able to quickly adapt to the market situation. Specialists earn from 2000 to 10000 dollars. The income of top arbitrageurs can be many times higher.


    • Interpreter. Despite the existence of a large number of special programs, the work of a translator still remains in demand. The specialist is required to speak several languages. Modern translators can work both in an agency and directly with customers. Some professionals combine full-time work with additional orders. The downside of this profession is that there are many people on the market now who offer similar services. Therefore, it is quite difficult for translators to earn more than the average.


    • Web Designer. For work it is desirable to have the appropriate education. But now this is no longer a requirement. The level of earnings of good web designers is 90 thousand rubles a month.


    • video editor. This profession is also quite in demand. The duties of a video editor include cutting the video, as well as adding various special effects and titles. The basics of the profession can be learned in 2-3 months. But in order to get big money, a specialist will have to constantly learn something new. The average salary of a professional video editor is about 80 thousand rubles. It may increase over time.


    • Information businessmen and coaches. Specialists who share their knowledge for money determine their own level of income. To earn a lot, a person must provide buyers with really high-quality information. Then he will have a good reputation and it will be much easier for him to sell new products.


Summing up, we can say that representatives of different professions can earn good money. Therefore, choosing the business of your life, you need to take into account not only the salary, but also the characteristics of your character. After all, doing what brings pleasure, it will be much easier for a person to climb the career ladder.