Then some images will help you remember the text. Everything you see, hear, smell, also remains in your head. And as a result, memories of a certain smell can help answer a teacher’s difficult question on an exam. The main thing is to remember everything.

Each person has one type of memory developed better than another. However, both types of memory, whoever you become, are sure to come in handy. Therefore, they can and should be developed. In psychology, it is believed that this should be done from a very young age. Moreover, the heads of children perceive information more easily. The brain of a preschooler is easier to “train” than the brain of an adult.

You can do this in any form. Someone is more suitable for memorizing poetry, and someone will like mastering the Chinese language. Hieroglyphs, by the way, for most Western people are more like pictures than letters. Maybe try to create a verbal-logical chain in this way and start developing two hemispheres of our brain at once? But first you need to decide what he lacks in order to stand on a par with the brightest minds of mankind.


To determine the level of development of your memory, you need to pass a special test. There are several options, and the tests will be different for adults and children.

Just starting our life path, we are constantly replenishing the treasury of our knowledge. In adulthood, most of the brain and the “storerooms” of our memory are already occupied by previously received information, and therefore it is more difficult to determine how developed one or another type of memory is. Moreover, each person loads his head in his own way.

Here are the most popular and recommended tests by experts. For children, mainly game forms of testing are used.

  • Take out all the toys in the form of vegetables and fruits from the box, and put the doll next to it. The task of the child is to identify the excess and remove it from the general row.
  • Start telling your child a fairy tale that you have already read to him more than once, and ask the baby to continue further.
  • Invite the child to remember what images he represents while listening to the lullaby. Let him describe to you what tired toys, blankets and pillows look like.

With the child figured out, now it’s time to take care of yourself. The simplest method used by experts is word game. A person is offered a list of fifteen absolutely unrelated words: for example, “palace”, “bread”, “eternity”, “plate”, etc. The task becomes to immediately reproduce some of them. If you managed to repeat at least seven, this is already a success.

After the list is read 2-3 more times, your result, accordingly, should also improve to 12, and ideally 15 words. Shortage? Then it’s time to start doing your homework.

How to develop?

As with testing, the list of exercises for adults and children will also be different, although there are techniques that are suitable for a person at any age. But before proceeding with their implementation, remember, that such activities can cause mild headaches, you may even feel tired. But that shouldn’t stop you. Moreover, if this happens, you all do it right and load the part of the brain that was not previously involved.

It’s the same as if you didn’t go to the gym for a long time, and then you came and immediately completed a complex complex, after which your whole body would ache. The same thing happens to the brain when it is stressed.

He, like the body, needs regular exercise. Here are just a few examples of how memory can be developed.

  • Line up counting sticks of several colorslet the child separate them into red, white, yellow and so on.
  • Do not be lazy to read more fairy tales and poems to your child, learn them by heart, by the way, you can do it together. Thus, improve your memory.
  • If you coped with children’s fairy tales, move on to more complex texts. To begin with, try, for example, to learn Hamlet’s monologue, then you can move on to more complex tasks. Train your memory with the help of technical literature, such as a textbook on applied mathematics or quantum physics.
  • New words are also useful for the development of memory for both children and adults. Expand your vocabulary and your brain capacity will grow surprisingly fast.
  • Let’s move from words to deeds. Start memorizing sounds. Of course, it is unlikely that you, like Nikolai Drozdov, can easily distinguish the chirping of a sparrow from a titmouse, but it is quite possible to distinguish a crow from a nightingale.
  • Listen to music more, try to reproduce the melodies you hear. If hearing is bad, then do it mentally.
  • If you don’t want to be distracted from watching your favorite TV show, use it as a visual aid. After turning off the TV, try to reproduce what you heard with as accurate an intonation as possible.
  • If you do not feel like working with the transmission, repeat the conversation that took place today in the kitchen or at lunchtime at work. The main thing is to try to do this as accurately as possible, observing not only the order of words, but also maintaining the emotional coloring of the conversation.
  • Try to imitate animal sounds as well as the voice of other people.

Even if becoming an artist of large and small stages is far from your goal in life, memory still needs to be developed. A person with a good ability to memorize automatically becomes more intellectually developed, and therefore more attractive both for work and for leisure.

Agree, to spend time with a person whose knowledge base is very diverse, much more interesting, than talking all evening with a friend who remembers only the days of the sale and the price of the dress she likes, and checks everything else on the Internet.

Everyone needs to expand their horizons.

Imagine how easy exams would be for you if your memory was better developed! So help your child avoid such problems. Teach and learn with him.

As you can see, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. There are a lot of methods to develop memory, and if for some reason the above methods do not suit you, come up with your own. This is not only useful, but also exciting. Try to see, hear, feel and speak more. And this will definitely help you remember everything at the right time.