Job description

The professional standard of an auto electrician (profession code: OKPDTR – 185118) includes the following work requirements:

    • diagnostics for breakdowns;


    • carrying out repair work of electrical wiring;


    • car alarm installation;


    • diagnostics by means of special equipment;


    • repair of electronic control units;


    • dismantling, installation of electrical equipment.


By the nature of his position, the autodiagnostician must carry out any work that is related to electrical equipment, wiring, electronic circuits and vehicle control systems.



The duties of a diagnostician include the study and elimination of breakdowns using various equipment. It is he who is engaged in diagnostics, installation and dismantling of anti-theft systems, auto lighting devices. The specialist must find and then troubleshoot the wiring: short circuits, breaks. His responsibilities include the repair of outdoor automotive lighting.

Besides, a specialist in this field should always be ready for unforeseen circumstances, take adequate measures to resolve problems as soon as possible. An experienced specialist with work experience in the profile quickly understands the breakdown, and also quickly eliminates it with the appropriate tools and parts. Other labor duties of this specialist are determined by the job documentation approved at the enterprise or organization. At the same time, his profile of activity does not matter much.


The following rights are assigned to such a specialist:

    • obtaining a uniform with a removable set and the necessary protective equipment at the expense of the employer;


    • familiarization with the documentation relating to its activities;


    • the requirement to maintain the conditions necessary for fruitful, efficient work;


    • promote and propose activities to improve performance;


    • timely receipt of data required in the work.


A responsibility

The professional in the course of his activity is responsible for:

    • for damage caused to the organization through his fault within the limits of the current Russian legislation, the collective agreement (but the responsibility of the employee for disciplinary punishment according to internal documentation standards should not be stricter than it is provided for by the framework of Russian laws);


    • for non-fulfillment of obligations stipulated by the relevant documentation;


    • for non-compliance with safety regulations in order to prevent accidents, contamination of parts and mechanisms, and other risk situations;


    • for violation of the law in the course of their activities.


Who suits?

This profession is suitable for those who know a lot about cars, all technical innovations. The specialist must have a number of personal characteristics:

    • sociability, the ability to come to a common denominator with clients;


    • the ability to correctly interpret technical diagrams, drawings;


    • the ability to work in a not very uncomfortable position with various details;


    • a clear eye, the ability to remember the main nuances;


    • good knowledge of physics, principles of electricity;


    • accuracy, coherence of actions;


    • performance, perseverance.


In addition, you need to love your job, constantly develop, learn new things. After all, automotive technology is constantly being updated, mechanisms are becoming more complicated. If you do not develop, then you can be unnecessary in your profession and lose your client base.



Interest in auto electrics is good, but education in this area is simply necessary. Autodiagnostic specialization can be obtained in different educational institutions.

    • Secondary specialized educational institutions and colleges of vocational education teach many specialties. In such a place, it is possible to get the specialization of a master in the repair and maintenance of automobiles, in the maintenance of motor vehicles, the operation of transport equipment and automation. The positive aspects are the acquisition of a huge amount of knowledge, the disadvantages are the small number of hours allotted for practice. Therefore, in order to become a high-class specialist, it is necessary to constantly practice independently in the profession.


    • You can learn to become autodiagnostics at specialized courses that are held in many large Russian cities. Graduates receive an official document based on the results of passing exams. The terms of training, as a rule, are up to 2 months.


    • You can improve your skills through internships in workshops or at enterprises. Some work as students of an auto electrician, learning all the basics of the profession from scratch.


    • For university education, applicants need to successfully pass the exam in the following subjects: mathematics, Russian, physics or social studies.


    • Pupils after the end of the 9th grade will be trained in secondary specialized educational institutions for 3 years. After the 11th grade, studying at universities for a bachelor’s degree is 4 years, a specialist’s degree is 5 years.


    • There is the possibility of distance learning, but only in the theoretical part. This profession requires mastery of practical knowledge.


Place of work

Among the employers of diagnosticians of automotive equipment are:

    • tuning studio;


    • auto repair shops;


    • service stations;


    • service centers of the largest automobile manufacturers;


    • companies with an impressive fleet of vehicles: transport companies, public transport companies, service centers for trucks;


    • the most promising employees provide services at home.


In turn, modern service workshops should always have:

    • mobile diagnostic equipment of modern class;


    • special equipment for car repair, outside the service room;


    • the most demanded auto parts to be replaced.


How much do they get?

Now there are not so many highly qualified specialists in the labor market. Therefore, employers are ready to increase the wages of autodiagnostics. The average salary for professionals of this level is about 2000 $, and they are ready to pay extra up to 7500 $ to a diagnostician, especially in the periphery. In private salons, car repair shops, diagnosticians earn more. A large number of vacancies are open to large cities, due to the huge flow of vehicles.

Career and prospects

An employee’s career will go up if personal and professional qualities are well developed. An ordinary auto electrician can become the head of a workshop or a specialized salon. And starting your own business should always be a priority.

Of course, if this is a state type enterprise, then additional education will be required. To move up the career ladder, sometimes you need to secure good characteristics from clients, management. At the moment, doors are opening everywhere for high-class specialists. And the market for cars and electric vehicles has improved significantly. Therefore, smart heads, working hands are waiting everywhere. An auto electrician is a fairly broad specialist. Every year his professional skills become more and more in demand.

To become an extra-class specialist, one needs not so much theoretical knowledge as practical skills. They start their careers as an assistant to a qualified automotive electrician.